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With iPhoto, Photos names would be exported along with the photo to Flickr. Is there a way of doing this with Photos ?? 
With IPhoto you could chose (using Preferences) to Edit using IPhoto, or an external editor like Elements. Cant see anyway of doing this with Photos other than an export, edit, then re-import.  Is that right ?
Having just come back from a trip I went into Itunes to clean up the podcasts I would never listen to, and found this problem. Hundreds of Podcasts that I cannot delete unless I first download them. Not the end of the world, but if anyone has a fix I would be interested. A previous contributor suggested repairing disk permissions, but that did not work for me.
This morning I reset the IPhone, and downloaded the newest Skype. Lo and behold it works. 
Right I am not blaming Apple. I just know Skype works for some on IPhone 5 with IOS7, but not for me. I was hoping to figure out if I had setup something incorrectly. So far no luck.
Thanks KOSH. I have now heard from others that Skype works for some, but not others but haven't found the common factor yet. 
I would be interested to know how I can call landlines or office phones in the uk for one cent per minute from my iPhone using apple messaging services.
Installed IOS 7 on my IPhone 5 yesterday. Everything worked except Skype, which crashes as soon as you start it. Tried deleting, and re installing from the App store but same result. Anyone seeing this or is it just me. There are quite a few articles about it not working with early Beta versions iof IOS7 but nothing in the last few days. Regards Graham
I was pretty annoyed when Apple dropped support for PPC, as I had loads of old applications that would not run, including Quicken, the 2007 version of Office, and old games and utilities. I found I didn't really miss most of the software, and that IWork did pretty much everything I needed from an Office suite, other than read Word docs that were password protected. However, as I had over 10 years of info on Quicken, and the Lion compatible alternatives did not get...
I upgraded to 10.7.3 about 2 weeks ago. The good news In 10.7.2 I needed to restart the machine quite often, when coming out of sleep mode, because the screen appeared to be inaccessible. This was a major problem happening everyday, and it now seems to be fixed fixed. The bad news My IMac regularly (but not always) does not connect to the internet when coming out of sleep mode. I have to stop start wifi to get it going. i have seen several references to this in...
New Posts  All Forums: