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I hope they turn these devices off during take-offs and landings  :)
Wish there were more colors geared towards the male customer.  
Well, of course they are. Any decent tech company has dozens of active prototypes that are tested for years before a decision is made to go to market.   NEWS ALERT   Sony testing various size TVs   NEWS ALERT
Exactly.  Always wait for Version 1.0.1.
This goes against Apple's engineering philosophy of designing products that contain no moving parts.  Products with moving parts (fans, HDDs, Optical Drives, etc) have a higher rate of break/failure.
Can't....sounds too close to Microsoft Lync.
11.x should move to the Shark family....ending with the Great White.
The last remaining "big cat" name is Cougar.  Done.
So, do I buy an iPad 4 or wait a few months for the iPad 5?   :)
This is a ridiculous story.  OK, think about it.  Would Apple commit to a Sept 21st shipping date and hold a Global iPhone 5 Event without knowing the status of suppliers/parts?  I'm sure there are millions of iPhone 5s sitting in a US warehouse as we speak.   
New Posts  All Forums: