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The last remaining "big cat" name is Cougar.  Done.
So, do I buy an iPad 4 or wait a few months for the iPad 5?   :)
This is a ridiculous story.  OK, think about it.  Would Apple commit to a Sept 21st shipping date and hold a Global iPhone 5 Event without knowing the status of suppliers/parts?  I'm sure there are millions of iPhone 5s sitting in a US warehouse as we speak.   
Meh....wait a few weeks. 
What is Verizon's position?  Are they supporting Facetime on umlimited plans?  I thought Verizon is forcing all customers to their own tiered plans?
Competition is good. However, this really shows that Sprint is desperate to sell more iphones.....they have to. They have 30 million in their "warehouse" right now that they have to unload in 4 years. As of today, they are behind. Once the next iPhone comes out with LTE, who would choose Sprint? Virtually non-existant LTE coverage.
So, what's the Killer App or Feature that will make us iPhone 4 buyers to stand in line?  Siri didn't do it for me.
I'll wait a few days....while you guys iron out the remaining bugs.  
What Tim Cook doesn't say is that Apple's high subsidy demands are eventually paid for by us customers (via higher monthly wireless fees).
You don't understand what CHOICE is and what a BAIT-N-SWITCH tactic is.  If AT&T is offering a new option that benefits many of their customers (lower price, better features), how is this a bad thing?  You need to look at your individual situation and make that assessment.  For me, I have 4 iPones and 4 iPads.  This is a winner for me.
New Posts  All Forums: