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Maybe if Nintendo can sell an iPhone (or iPod) add-on that would wrap the device in a case that featured real, external buttons. I really don't like games where I have to press the touch screen.....it blocks my view of the game.
Makes sense to me. There is very little profit selling the base hardware platform (IE...XBOX, Playstation, etc). Most money is made selling the software. This profit model is true in just about any industry where an initial piece of hardware (Cell Phone, Printer) is really the instrument used to secure future sales (monthly contracts, print cartridges). If I was Best Buy, I would be worried. Soon, all gaming consoles and platforms will be going to online sales and...
iPhone users are a bit smarter than your average smartphone user. Verizon costs more. AT&T is faster. AT&T offers concurrent voice and data. AT&T's global footprint is far larger (which also makes the future reselling of your iPhone that much easier)
As a Stockholder, I am happy. As a customer, I feel ripped off. In the end, it is all about perceived value. We bought these Apple Products because we thought it was a good deal.
You can thank all of the video apps for this (Skype, Facetime, Netflix, Hulu, etc). There simply isn't enough capacity for 300 million Americans to stream video. So, the carriers are forced to ration it.
Ahh...good to know....thanks!
I'm glad that Apple is no longer giving away a free iPod....jeez....how many do we need? On the other hand, $100 is not a very good promotion when your competition is giving away XBOXes. For most people, the first $30 will go right back to Apple for OS X Lion. Why not a free Apple TV? I bet a lot of dorm rooms could use one of those.
As a Network Engineer for over 15 years, these are standard views and reports from a major Wifi Vendor (not Apple). Apple did not create this. They are simply just another WiFi Vendor customer (like many thousands of other corporate customers).
iMessage is only useful if every single person in the world has an iOS Device. SMS/MMS are global standards that exist on every text device regardless of maker. iMessage is proprietary. It will have limited appeal but for me, most of my contacts do not have iOS devices (yet) and some will never have one (love Androids).
iMessage will only work if you are trying to text to another iOS device. What if the other device does not have iOS (most do not have iOS)? What if you don't know if the other side has iOS? Wireless Carriers offer a ubiquitous texting service...which is easy to use, always on, and works with any texting device. Apple is trying to lock in people to their architecture.....just like Google is. This is starting to get dangerous.
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