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Who are these worthless analysts? I could've predicted that this change would either 1) increase sales or 2) decrease costs. Duh...why else would Apple do this?
So, the next Verizon iPhone still won't be able to multitask (voice/data). Not a very "smart" smartphone.
How long before we see that "blue screen of death" on our Skype App?
Not surprised here. When you really look at Verizon-CDMA, why would anyone want that network? Verizon has crippled the iPhone: higher cost of entry, slower network, no data/voice multitasking, no global access, and limited conference call features (can not add more than 1 and can not drop individual participants).
The bigger question is, after 3.5 years of built-up iPhone demand, why didn't they get more? in 1Q11, AT&T still sold more iPhones than Verizon. Keep in mind that Verizon announced the iPhone on Jan 11th (and one can argue that this was common knowledge back in 4Q10), so they did have almost 2.5 out of 3 months in 1Q to steal away AT&T customers. The published churn rates showed that very few AT&T customers left. I truly believe that smart phones are devices that...
Bingo....there's your answer.
The current iPhone is already a global phone.....if you get the AT&T Version
People can easily dump their contracts: Their ATT iPhone won't work on Verizon so they can sell it on eBay or Gazelle and use that money for the ETF. I think that the real issue is that once people finally compared ATT and Verizon, they realized that Verizon costs more, is slower, lacks international coverage, and lacks data/voice multitasking.
Considering that it was "common knowledge" that Verizon was getting the iPhone in 4Q10 and that it was officially announced on Jan 11, this was a very weak sales report for Verizon. This 30 second video says it all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUaFywhywjA
Not surprising to me. Once customers began to compare prices (favor AT&T), features (again favor AT&T- international coverage, speed, multitasking), the mass exodus to Verizon never occurred.
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