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You'd better pick your 'service' wisely....data or voice....can't have both at the same time!
Verizon iPhone: No data/voice multitasking. Verizon iPad: No data. 'nough said.
Missing Fact: Verizon users experience a 100% internet drop when a call is placed/received!
$15 for 4 weeks....and still have ads? Hello USA TODAY!
This is true....AT&T adds 2GB to your tethered plan for a total of 4GB. So Verizon is going to stick me with activation fees each time I enable it? The heck with you.
Already a bad start for the Verizon model. Slower speed, no concurrent voice/data, no real global coverage, and now late IOS updates.
FACETIME available in the MAC App Store for .99 !!!!! It just appeared today!
I hope so. It is very cumbersome when, with multiple monitors, the menu bar is on one monitor and the app is on the other.
Will LIGHTPEAK allow us to connect 2 external monitors to a Macbook? Wouldn't that be cool?
These rumors get created/spread by opportunists who want to buy Apple Stock after the 'scare' lowers the price. I hope the SEC nails these individuals.
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