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Hurry up and get here, iOS 4.3.....going on a trip soon....would love to have the minivan with a hotspot for all the kids!
...and Apple will sell each and every one of them.
As far as CDMA (Verizon), every day more information is displayed showing how inferior it really is compared to GSM (AT&T). CDMA does not support HOLD, SWAP, DROP of calls? Are you kidding me? Plus, I have to enter all these codes to enable services like caller-id? It's a joke.
Hmmm...if I recall from my history books, AT&T invented: -The first Digital Computer -Transistor -UNIX, which is the foundation of MAC OS -Cellular Networks Seems Apple has also relied upon AT&T's accomplishments
God bless....speedy recovery Steve.
- Thursday: Verizon = 909, AT&T = 539 Difference=370 - Friday: Verizon = 916, AT&T = 680 Diff=236 - Saturday: Verizon = 660, AT&T = 471 Diff=189 - Sunday: Verizon = 796, AT&T = 701 Diff=95 - Monday: Verizon = 711, AT&T = 618 Diff=93 Trend not looking good for Verizon.....5 days after their biggest launch in history, AT&T is almost back on top.
I think that there were a few unhappy (loud and vocal too) AT&T customers. But for most people, Verizon was not seen as a better choice. As each day passes, more information on the lack of Verizon iPhone features surface. This was on 9-to-5 Mac today: Maybe, just maybe, customers are smart. Maybe people realize that Verizon's CDMA network has crippled the iPhone (lack of speed, lack of concurrent voice/data, lack of global coverage, lack of "real" conference...
The real problems begin after you activate the iPhone on Verizon: No more talk and internet at the same time. Slower speeds. Conference calls limited to 3 callers (absurd!). No ability to SWAP between calls. No ability to DROP individual calls. My friend just got the Verizon model. He hates it when I show him how I can talk and surf at the same time!
Who needs a landline anymore? Regarding the BIG Verizon news of today (which Apple Insider must have "overlooked"), it has been revealed that the Verizon iPhone does not support more than 3 people on a conference call. In addition, if you do connect 3 people to a conference call, there is no way to SWAP the calls, make any of them private, or drop a single call at a time.
Not surprising. I'm sure Apple builds dozens of working prototypes. The million dollar question is: which one(s) will make it into production? At this point in their product lifecycle, a decision has probably already been made. It takes months to ramp up and prep the hardware component suppliers....so with an anticipated June kickoff date, Apple will need to start building these by the beginning of May.
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