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Oh absolutely not. Just thinking hypothetically.
Bad for APPLE...they will sell less new iPhones. If I can use my current iPhone on another carrier, I won't have to buy a new one.
Sprint 4Q 2011 Results: 1.3 billion net losshttp://newsroom.sprint.com/article_d...rticle_id=2179 T-Mobile is owned by Deutsche Telecom and their margins are rolled up into that balance sheet. However, they did lose 800k subscribers last quarter and had a reduction in revenue.http://www.knowyourcell.com/news/125...k_in_2013.html
Totally disagree. Why would AT&T and Verizon throttle a data plan where the more you use, the more you pay? You need to take Business 101.
Hmm...."everyone hates the carriers". Half the carriers aren't even making a profit (Sprint, T-Mobile) and the other half are just doing "OK" (Verizon, AT&T). Yet when the carriers want to raise more capital in order to invest in the infrastructure, all of us cry foul over the increase in our monthly bills. Yet Apple is able to earn 50% profit on every item they sell and we are OK with that. Strange world.
Well, no different than buying a tank of gas. I can drive fast all day and buy another tank right away or I can choose to walk/bike.
Best reply of the day....10 points for Gryffindor!
Hey folks.....after 45 minutes of Infinity Blade II, take a break, get a life....I hear there is a 3D World outside with incredible Retina Graphics.
So, just like how Verizon has crippled the iPhone....no data and voice multitasking on 3G?
If these devices had any significant threat towards air safety, wouldn't and shouldn't they all get confiscated as you board the airplane?...and then returned to you at 10,000 feet? Bogus.
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