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....no one is forcing you to buy this. If you like the service/price, buy it....if not, don't buy it. If I understand the article correctly, If I already have AT&T DSL and a land line, then this is free. Free is good.
Lucky for you that Sprint keeps losing customers each quarter and that the Palm Pre has not been a success.....you have the entire Sprint Network to yourself!
Q: What do you get when you combine two medium sized wireless carriers who continue to loose customers each month due to inadequate service, coverage, and lousy support? A: A large sized wireless carrier that will continue to loose customers each month due to inadequate service, coverage, and lousy support. Case in point: Sprint + Nextel = A bigger mess.
According to my math, each iPhone has a $400 subsidy from AT&T to Apple. If it is weighted over a 24 month contract, it comes out to about $16 per month (400/24=16). That leaves AT&T with $14 per month on the data plan to enhance the network and make a profit.
Apple has a choice....they are choosing higher subsidies versus customer satisfaction.
......very slow...says another 60 minutes left.
That is true with any wireless carrier....most cell towers are located on leased property (monthly rent).....the fewer the towers, the lower the cost for us.
No wireless carrier can control the physical locations of their customers. The planners for your weekend festival should have called up every wireless carrier and asked for temporary, portable cell towers (on trucks) to service the crowds.Also, cell phones are portable. If you stop selling in some markets due to network saturation, what is going to stop someone from driving a few miles to buy it elsewhere?
...were Apple's sales forecasts and estimated bandwidth usage per iPhone accurate....and how long did Apple give AT&T to upgrade the network? How could they be accurate when the APP Store wasn't even discussed during the contract negotiations? It takes years to upgrade networks.By the way, it was Apple who demanded an unlimited data plan for iPhone users. This is one of the root causes of all our problems.
This is going to be a very boring event if all there is are new iPods w/cameras.
New Posts  All Forums: