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Yeah....it only took them 60 years to go from SDTV to HDTV....that was fast, government, thank you! HDTV was demonstrated in the 1980s !!!! On top of that, they couldn't even get that right as they delayed the cutover date over and over again.
Wrong again. You were in charge of your 401k.....you chose to contribute...and you chose the investments....all the Gov did was define what a 401k was.The large banks got large because customers chose them. Consumers had a choice....not a mandate from the government. If you don't want choice and you want the government to control everything, go to Russia.....I hear they have a thriving economy and a technology sector that the world envies .
There is so much that is wrong with what you said that I don't know where to begin. First, the government should just let companies make their own decisions and they should not be telling any company who/what/where/why/how they should run their business. No thank you, FCC....keep out. Second, carriers are not manipulators.....cell phone makers are. The cell phone makers are the ones who desire and initiate exclusive contracts with carriers so that they can receive...
...and all provide this information to government authorities when asked. If you want to keep your location a secret, DO NOT CARRY A CELL PHONE.
Verizon and Sprint further ahead? You have to be kidding....they are all equally stressed. At least AT&T has higher speeds and a plan to double it again in the months ahead. Yes, all of them will go 4G....probably at the same time as the new cell phones are introduced. Just because some engineer at Sprint placed a 4G call using a single 4G Cell tower doesn't make them the leader. That was pure hype for their commercials "The First 4G Network". Baloney.
Go get a free 3G Card for your PC....hardware is free and the monthly tethering costs will be the same.
Well, clearly, they ignored the total number of concurrent users.
AT&T has enough blame, but what about Apple? It takes years to expand a Wireless Network. Given that....... 1. What forecast did Apple give AT&T as far as projected US sales of iPhones and estimated average bandwidth per user? I bet it was far lower than anyone had ever expected. Without accurate projections, how could any wireless carrier build out a capable network ahead of the demand? Remember, too, that when the iPhone first came out, the APP Store was not even...
New Posts  All Forums: