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Don't forget, Verizon also has major network LTE outages....4 since December! Ask those customers how it felt to bounce back to CDMA!
Ha...well...any Verizon user will certainly know when they leave the 4G LTE for their 3G CDMA!
I disagree. The AT&T entry point is lower than Verizon's ($15 versus $20). Most of us use free wifi and only want 4G when we are in between wifi networks. AT&T also gives you 1GB more than Verizon at the $30 price point. Where I live, AT&T 4G LTE was much faster. 9to5 Mac also reached the same conclusion. If you leave a Verizon 4G footprint (still easy to do), you are stuck with their awful 3G CDMA. The hot spot feature will be offered by AT&T soon. However, I don't...
Apple and AT&T are only following the official ruling by the ITU from Dec 2010. The ITU now recognizes HSPA+, WIMAX, and even 4G LTE as "4G". Before this ruling, only 4G LTE ADVANCED was considered "4G".....and we are still a few years away from seeing 4G LTE ADVANCED.
Dear Apple, Please add support for multiple devices on the same iTunes account. Right now, only 1 device can be active. Not very friendly for us Families.
Good luck. Based on recent national tests, Sprint drops more calls and is 1/6 the speed of AT&T. Maybe your area is different.http://m.minyanville.com/?guid=4714&catid=5
30 million - 1.8 million = 28.2 million. Oh boy. Now, when the iPhone 5 comes out this year with LTE, who's going to get a Sprint iPhone then? Sprint does not have LTE....yes, they said they plan on it....but it won't be built out for several years.
You will also see a lot more nation-wide network outages on Verizon's 4G-LTE. They had 4 just this past December.
With Sprint, everyone is throttled....this study proves it. Sprint, on average, is 1/6 the speed of AT&T when using the iPhone 4s. http://m.minyanville.com/?guid=4714&catid=5
Agreed. Verizon had 3 major, national LTE outages in just the past month. They have some issues regarding 3G and 4G compatibility. These issues will not go away easily.
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