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Ha...well...any Verizon user will certainly know when they leave the 4G LTE for their 3G CDMA!
I disagree. The AT&T entry point is lower than Verizon's ($15 versus $20). Most of us use free wifi and only want 4G when we are in between wifi networks. AT&T also gives you 1GB more than Verizon at the $30 price point. Where I live, AT&T 4G LTE was much faster. 9to5 Mac also reached the same conclusion. If you leave a Verizon 4G footprint (still easy to do), you are stuck with their awful 3G CDMA. The hot spot feature will be offered by AT&T soon. However, I don't...
Apple and AT&T are only following the official ruling by the ITU from Dec 2010. The ITU now recognizes HSPA+, WIMAX, and even 4G LTE as "4G". Before this ruling, only 4G LTE ADVANCED was considered "4G".....and we are still a few years away from seeing 4G LTE ADVANCED.
Dear Apple, Please add support for multiple devices on the same iTunes account. Right now, only 1 device can be active. Not very friendly for us Families.
Good luck. Based on recent national tests, Sprint drops more calls and is 1/6 the speed of AT&T. Maybe your area is different.http://m.minyanville.com/?guid=4714&catid=5
30 million - 1.8 million = 28.2 million. Oh boy. Now, when the iPhone 5 comes out this year with LTE, who's going to get a Sprint iPhone then? Sprint does not have LTE....yes, they said they plan on it....but it won't be built out for several years.
You will also see a lot more nation-wide network outages on Verizon's 4G-LTE. They had 4 just this past December.
With Sprint, everyone is throttled....this study proves it. Sprint, on average, is 1/6 the speed of AT&T when using the iPhone 4s. http://m.minyanville.com/?guid=4714&catid=5
Agreed. Verizon had 3 major, national LTE outages in just the past month. They have some issues regarding 3G and 4G compatibility. These issues will not go away easily.
....Verizon did not drop this $2 fee: Every single customer should mail their bill/check to them. This would force Verizon to hire hundreds of administrative staff just to open the letters and deposit the checks.
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