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....Verizon did not drop this $2 fee: Every single customer should mail their bill/check to them. This would force Verizon to hire hundreds of administrative staff just to open the letters and deposit the checks.
Once again, a government tries to solve one "problem" that results in the creation of more (and larger) problems. Stopping free trade not only hurts the individual consumers of your own country but it also results in job loss. Sure, the iPhone is made elsewhere. However, the distribution, shipping, advertising, and sales of those iPhones create local jobs. Hello black market.
Agreed. No one is going to replace their 40"+ tv with a smaller Apple Tv. I think these rumors are just that.....rumors.
Not really. The US Taxpayer will pay for about $2 Billion of it due to the tax write off.Way to go DOJ/FCC: Stop a US based company from buying wireless spectrum that is owned by a German company and now we, the US Taxpayer, must pay for much of the backout fee.
Nope...Sprint does. What is sad is that Sprint is also 6 times slower. Yeah....they say they won't throttle your iPhone....but the reality is that everyone is throttled. http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...on.html&page=1
Another unscientific survey from Consumer Reports where unconfirmed participants compare apples to oranges. AT&T has far more iPhone users than the rest of the providers combined (many on this survey do not even support the iPhone). Apple customers are probably the most demanding. How can they compare an iPhone user on one network to a dumb phone user on the other? The following studies are much more scientific. It compares the same iPhone 4s across all...
Great...now I can play Angry Birds in my cabin. What a vacation!
Agreed. Data/voice multitasking is an absolute requirement. I've secured many business deals with this feature (talk to customer while looking up data). It's sort of like power windows in a car; once you have it you wonder how you lived without it. AT&T is the only provider that supports this on the iPhone.
There's a flaw with that logic. Verizon won't have a big enough footprint until late 2013-2014. So, as the Verizon users jump in and out of LTE, they must rely on their slow CDMA (which lacks multitasking). When an AT&T user leaves the LTE footprint, they can still connect via the HSPA+. HSPA+ is fast and supports multitasking. This will create a seamless experience for the user.
Congress has no say on what is 4G. The ITU has already defined it. Basically, WIMAX, LTE, and HSPA+ are all 4G now (as of last December). http://www.itu.int/net/pressoffice/p...s/2010/48.aspx
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