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...and that's why it is free for us to "use". Every company has a right to make money....every company has to make a profit.
The ITU announced in December 2010 that WiMax, LTE, and HSPA+ are 4G technologies.http://www.phonearena.com/news/ITU-s...lly-4G_id15435
Well, I agree that 1080P is better than 720P. But I would also say that HSPA+ is a "generation" ahead of CDMA. Under the old definition, only WiMax2 and LTE-Advanced were qualified to be called 4G networks. If that were still true, no carrier in the world would be 4G.
The ITU announced in December 2010 that WiMax, LTE, and HSPA+ are 4G technologies. http://www.phonearena.com/news/ITU-s...lly-4G_id15435
Does anyone know if Siri will work on an iPhone 4?
Yes, and by far. AT&T iPhone 4=7.2mbs AT&T iPhone 4s=14.4mbs Verizon (or Sprint) iPhone 4=3mbs (and lacks data/voice multitasking) Verizon (or Sprint) iPhone 4s=3mbs (and still lacks data/voice multitasking) Of course these are theoretical speeds.
30 million iPhones is really only 15 million customers. Every Sprint user will need to buy 2, one for voice, one for data, since CDMA can't do both at the same time.
So, will Apple market 2 different iPhones? 3G-CDMA: Sprint, Verizon, 3 mbs 4G-HSPA+: AT&T, 21 mbs Hard to justify a switch to Sprint even if they offer unlimited....slower and no data/voice multitasking.
I hope it's a brand new model (larger screen). Otherwise this "Let's talk iPhone" will be a very short conversation.
(think Soup Nazi from Seinfeld) "No iPhone 5 for you!"
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