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Hmmm...small venue = small announcement. We will probably only see an iPhone 4S this year.
It's simple. Samsung has decided to become a competitor instead of a supplier. And that might work out best for them. However, Apple is not going to let Samsung profit from them anymore.
Good one. By the way, thanks Al, for single handedly stopping the sales of the current iPhone 4. Yes, I know...many already heard of this rumor. However, sales were still strong. Now that it is no longer a rumor, people will wait.
Sprint can allow Unlimited Plans....they keep losing customers each month...plenty of capacity over there.
Exactly. In this economy, these politicians are idiots. Apple is willing to spend billions on this new site and the stupid local government is holding this up once again. Hey Apple, come over to Chicago.
After the first million users sign up and begin to download video 24 hours a day, Sprint will think twice. No network is able to handle unlimited traffic by a majority of their users.
What law did AT&T break (or about to break)? A Market Share law? If so, should Apple be next for "controlling" 80% of the tablet market?
Apple was much smarter this time. They covered this iPhone prototype in a Moto Dynatac housing.
Expect just a speed bump and maybe a higher resolution camera. If this was a brand new design, I would expect Apple to hold a separate event. Right now, it appears that the iPhone update will be just another "bullet point" in the iPod event.
OK, making millions of dollars per year is not enough "enticement" to do your job? I predict a losing season for the Bucs....however, they will set new scoring records for ANGRY BIRDS.
New Posts  All Forums: