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Expect just a speed bump and maybe a higher resolution camera. If this was a brand new design, I would expect Apple to hold a separate event. Right now, it appears that the iPhone update will be just another "bullet point" in the iPod event.
OK, making millions of dollars per year is not enough "enticement" to do your job? I predict a losing season for the Bucs....however, they will set new scoring records for ANGRY BIRDS.
Who shares their iPhone with multiple users? IMO, limited appeal.
I agree. Another CDMA carrier....big deal. Still the same old slow, no data/voice multitasking CDMA drawbacks.
I recall a few Star Trek episodes where Cap Kirk held an iPad like device. The concept is over 40 years old.
Message to Apple: Let it go...move on...you already have about 95% of the tablet market. Why are you fighting so much for the remaining 5%? Yeah, I know....you have every right to protect your inventions.....but jeez, maybe you should wait until there are real competitors out there so that the Feds don't regulate this market as a monopoly.
A Spin Off is the first step for another company to purchase part of your business. So, the million dollar question is, who is going to buy the HP PC Division?
One big problem with iMessage: It is only on IOS devices. Most of the world is still not on IOS (though IOS market share continues to improve). iMessage only makes sense when you know that everyone you text with (now and in the future) is on IOS. That will never happen. Telco text messaging (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint) is device agnostic....this is a great feature and they know it...which is why they continue to raise prices. I guess I can always use iMessage and join...
I think we need to update the Patent Laws. Yes, companies have a right to protect their inventions and get reimbursed when other companies utilize them. However, it appears that every company out there is accused of stealing someone's else's ideas....whether by mistake or intent. Maybe we need to shorten the patent protection period. Maybe there can be some law that fully defines the penalties for each abuse. It seems the only ones that are benefiting from all...
Good news for all: Google/Moto: Better hardware and software integrated products (a vertical model) Apple: Better competition will inspire even better products Consumers: Better products, lower prices.
New Posts  All Forums: