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Anyone who says they got an iPad or a Surface, or a Nexus purely for productive purposes is insane... or lying.
Steven Bathiche's other claims: "The Surface will make you jump higher, lose weight faster, grow a thicker head of hair, all while making you more veracious in the sack. Trust me. I'm an engineer."
  I'm pretty sure this is a hardware kitbash, and not an actual next-gen iPhone smuggled out of Cupertino. If the thing did have power, the screen might light up, but it wouldn't have iOS installed.
Fake or not, there'll be no surprises come September 12th. I do wish there would be a super-secret "One More Thing..." unveil at one of these events -- a real surprise that hasn't been spoiled by every tech blog months beforehand.
How to tell when you're dating an Apple genius. He or she starts conversations with: "Maybe we can stop-responding-out some time."
I'm still shocked at the number of "Ughh! Apple is the worst company ever! They're stifling innovation!" responses I've heard re: this ruling. Apple didn't go after Samsung for stealing "the black rectangle". They went after them because Samsung was intentionally producing iPhone-clones.   Look at the image below and note the dozens of similarities between the two devices. Take out your contacts or slightly blur your vision and they look like the same damn device. If...
  I'm calling horsepucky on this "opinion" because I've seen people walk into an AT&T store (albeit not tech-savvy people) on the hunt for an iPhone and walking straight up to a Galaxy 2 demo unit and saying "Terrific, you have iPhones." It happens, and these three judges just said "Oh, no it doesn't. Such a scenario is impossible."   How I read the headline in my head: "Court in Samsung's backyard says that Samsung isn't guilty of copying the iPhone." Big surprise.
Fingerprint scanners are great when you live in a dry climate, but I've found as soon as there's an ounce of humidity in the air, my fingerprints get gummed up with sweat, and they won't scan properly. Just another thing for Samsung to copy and then argue that "patents can't be owned."
  Retirement homes.
Well there's the other side of the coin Samsung. If your products look 99% like your competitor's, you're indirectly promoting your competitors product. Good jerb! ;)
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