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The iTunes 9 logo, FYI:  
I never realized that Samsung's music icon is basically the old iTunes icon color corrected to purple.   The only reason you copy icons is to make your device look like an iPhone.
6 months ago, I was a little pro-Samsung with this case. I admit that I side with Apple when it comes to complaints about similar UIs, packaging, and timing, but I think the "You can't make a rectangular phone! Only we can make a rectangular phone!" argument is bullcrap.   I've lost my sympathy for Samsung simply because they lie a lot. It doesn't take a second pair of eyes to see that Samsung rushed a bunch of iPhone clones into production in 2007-2008 to compete...
Translation: "Crap! We've been spending all of our time copying Nokia when we should've been copying Apple!" Stay classy Samsung. 
"Hey Apple, we're a bankrupt Chinese company, and we hold the Chinese trademark for 'fruit', and since an apple is a fruit, you need to pay us, like.... I dunno, $60 Million?"   Proview's victory just opened the floodgates.
So what's Proview going to do with all that money? Create crappy iPhone and iPad peripherals.
I bet Proview had their fingers crossed as they signed the deal.
Ugh. Topics like these never end well. I hope it's put out of its misery quick.
Apple could design a phone that deliberately gives it's users brain cancer, and Samsung would still copy the feature, simply because Apple is using it. Then Samsung would say "Hey, uh, public domain, right guys?"   Samsung truly is the "The Asylum" of cell phone manufacturers; the crappy direct-to-dvd movie studio Asylum, that is...  
Samsung's next brilliant legal defense strategy:   "Your honor, at this time we would like to introduce the I'm Rubber & You're Glue. Everything that you say bounces off of us and lands back on you defense."
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