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That black one does look nice, but that two-tone metal & plastic design reminds me of every ugly sweater I owned in the 1990s.
  So was my iPhone designed with Cheetahs in mind?
McDonalds constantly dominates the burger markets in sales, and that domination stems from availability, affordability & quantity; not because they're making good food.
Is this argument still going on? It's clear that Samsung wanted to sell a metric-ton of phones, and decided to copy the popular phone of the time. They've been doing it for years. Before the iPhone came out, Samsung was all about making Blackberry clones, and before that they were making Palm Treo clones, and before that they were Nokia clones. Samsung is the Hyundai of mobile phones -- they reinvent themselves every five years or so, and base their new designs off of...
Samsung: "It wasn't us. We swear!" Everbody else: "{COUGHS}Bullsh*t!{COUGHS}"
Samsung sells about 20 individual cellphone models which, according to their website, present 140 separate configurations amongst various US carriers: http://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/cell-phones/all-products   Apple sells 3 iPhone models: iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, & the iPhone 3GS. With every option available (color, carrier, and capacity) you can buy the iPhone 25 different ways.   Of course they're going to be covering more ground with all those models, and it...
So Samsung is going after Apple users for being mindless conformists, yet they do it in a way that requires all participants to dress in identical clothing and chant in unison. Right.....   See I would appreciate this kind of activity if the protestors actually represented a homegrown, almost mom & pop company picketing the giant machine. It's kind of like whenever Walmart announces plans to build a new store somewhere in small town USA there are always protestors...
I just want to clarify that Samsung didn't manufacture the smart cover clone -- one of their accessory makers did -- but it was just another case of the competition trying to blur the line between iPads and everything else.
Does the smart cover patent cover cases for the iPad alone, or tablets all together? Because it wasn't that long after the smart cover first premiered that Samsung's flagship tab had their own smart cover that blatantly ripped off Apple's design.
New Posts  All Forums: