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Yup, it used to be the only reason I'd go to Walmart was to buy cheap Blurays and video games on release day. Then I discovered Amazon Prime. Now I just go when I need a 3 pound bag of Wheat Thins. If I want to test out an iPad, I either go to the Apple Store, or one of their authorized resellers which 100% copies the Apple Store format. There's a reason why Walmarts have Purell dispensers at the entrances (which nobody uses) and Apple stores don't.
The last time I visited an Apple-section at the local Walmart, I stood in line behind a couple people to get a chance to play with the then recently released iPad 2. The kid in front of me was probably about 11, and when he got his grubby mits on the demo unit, he spent about three minutes hunting for some installed game: Angry Birds, etc. He couldn't find one, so he put the iPad back down on it's tethered base and proceeded to sneeze the most boogery sneeze I've ever seen...
My heart goes out to that poor pig-faced avatar.
Next Gen iPhone rumors? Whatever.... I've learned, after the last few cycles, to not pay attention to rumors.
Because not everybody wants to carry around two devices to do one thing. Plus, since you're on an Apple board, very few people on here have an LTE smartphone to tether.
I wish Apple would at least include 4G for future-proofing purposes. I mean, Apple's doing that with Thunderbolt. I have ZERO thunderbolt devices, yet I have a port on my computer just in case. Does a 4G compatible device still suck a ton of power even when it can only find a 3G network? Also, I think the "4G eats up too much battery-life" argument is getting a little old. There are some pretty nice 4G phones out there that have overcome the battery-life hurdle.
No 4G/LTE? Hmmmm, I guess I'll be saving $129.
I have friends and family members that jump around between carriers a lot, and every time they jump to a different carrier, and ditch the old one, they get a brand new (typically Android) phone that was free or next-to-free upon activation. Do those count as "Re-sold" devices?
I seem to recall that this happened with Walt Disney & Walt Disney World. Disney and Co wanted to buy a crap-ton of swampland in South Florida, but wanted a fair market price for it, so they purchased it using various pseudonyms. When the sellers found out who had actually purchased the land, they were really kicking themselves.
So Proview's latest claim is that Apple doesn't own the iPad name because Apple bought it under a different name, and had Proview known it was Apple, they would've held out for a few more zeros? Hey Proview! No takesies-backsies!
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