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When I first bought my iPhone 3GS three years ago, my brother-in-law chastised me for buying such an expensive phone. I spent $300, and that was the last phone I bought. Three years later that same brother-in-law has gone through 6, count'em SIX Android phones, totaling about $1,000. So with Apple, you may be spending more in the short term, but you're paying for life-span and quality.
And I bet with my rotten luck my 3 year old 3GS will brick-itself at the end of June....
See, I'm still pretty new to this whole situation, and I'm trying to figure out the specifics. Here is my understanding, correct me if I'm wrong: Three years ago, Apple purchased the rights to use the 'iPad' name in a number of Asian territories from various corporations. One of those corporations is/was Proview. Apple paid Proview ~$60,000 for the iPad name. Proview's 'IPAD' was an all-in-one desktop computer which bared more than a passing resemblance to an iMac in...
See, I don't have a problem with this phone from a legal standpoint. Nokia is at least trying to differ themselves from Apple's stuff -- add a little diversity to the pot, if you will. But Samsung's Galaxy phones.... they're blatant attempts to capitalize on the popularity of the iPhone. Hell, last Christmas my elderly mother's phone died on her, and my Dad nearly walked out of the AT&T store with a Galaxy because the storekeeper told him "It's just like an iPhone." It's...
I think this device best sums up the problem I have with Samsung products. Apple has the track record of not releasing a feature or a new product until they've spent 2-5 years making it consumer friendly. Samsung seems like they just hunt out the hot new, untested feature (4G, dual cameras, face-unlock, etc.) and then throws it into the first available model with little concern for usability.
Jeeze, all those phones on the left look like soap-on-a-rope.
That link isn't working, but if it's the one I'm thinking of, it looks like they ripped off the Zune:
This reminds me of being a kid, and asking for a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. I dropped so many damn hints to my parents. I told them about the best N64 games, the accessories, etc. So Christmas morning rolled around, I open up the big box, and it's a Sega CD. They went to the store to buy me the N64, but there was a big shiny "SALE" sticker on the Sega CD, so they bought that instead. It was fun for about a month, and then it became next-to-impossible to get games for...
Can someone bring up one of those requisite "Samsung phones before 2007 & Samsung phones after 2007" images?
Insert one of those Futurama "Take my money!" pictures here.
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