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So Kodak is going all-in before they go bankrupt... It's sad to see such an iconic brand going the way of the Dodo, but video did kill the radio star.
I keep thinking how awesome an Apple TV with Siri would be, and then I'm reminded of the voice-activated TV on 30 Rock. It's the one where if anybody in the room says "crap" the TV immediately starts playing an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians.
Oh, clearly. I'm sure Steve had notebooks lying around with basic ideas for technologically advanced products that won't be released for decades. I'm just saying that this next event will be Tim Cook's first official introduction to the public after Steve's passing, and he's got to do a lot more than just slightly upgrade last year's product. I can't remember the last time we got a "One more thing." I want Tim to surprise us like Steve did.
Yup, it's time for Apple to unveil some new models, if only to show the world that they can produce exciting NEW designs in the wake of Jobs' passing, and there's no better place to do it than @ Tim Cook's first big post-Steve event. As for the rumor that Apple will sell the current iPad 2 at a price to rival the $199 Kindle Fire.... is that really necessary? It sounds like the Fire sold really well on Cyber Monday, but got pretty scathing reviews ever since, like "The...
My first thought: "Pffst... who would be dumb enough to fall for this?" Second thought: "Crap! My elderly parents and their parents have Apple accounts, and they believe Nigeria has a couple thousand deposed princes. Doh!" EDIT: Is it a coincidence that my post was preceded by a spammer who is advertising cheap wedding dresses? EDIT 2: Cool, they 86'd it.
Are people seriously still questioning whether or not Samsung ripped off the iPhone? They designed the Galaxy to look like an iPhone, from the overall form-factor, down to the chrome bezel surrounding the face. Hell, some could argue that even the 'S' moniker was lifted from Apple's "3GS". It would appear that the argument is no longer "Did they do it" and has become "Is stealing really that bad?"
Maybe the analogy makes sense when you're buzzed........ nope, still doesn't make sense.
I'm still really surprised that so many people are siding with Samsung with these legal matters. Excuses I've heard range from "Oh Apple! Stop suing everyone! Nobody's suing you!" (which is a bunch of bullpucky because they're constantly getting sued by Motorola, HTC, and Samsung) to "Jeeze Apple, you already have more money than God! Do you really need to bankrupt another company?!?" (AKA, "Just let them copy your intellectual property! Share the wealth!") Here's the...
I'll reconsider getting a focused portable gaming system when game prices drop from the $40+ that they're circling right now. I've maybe spent $40 on game apps for my iPhone all year, and that's for at least 25 individual apps. I know they'll release quite a few "epic" games on the Vita, ala Uncharted, but you know a year from now the platform will be flooded with a bunch of Plants vs Zombies/Cooking Mama/Angry Birds games that'll cost at least $20 a pop - the exact...
I know my 3gs had voice recognition, and that was 2 and a half years ago. Granted the extent of what it can do is repeat and play song titles I tell it to play. But still, it's recognizing my voice.
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