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Oh yeah, Droid has had voice recognition, but it doesn't hold a candle to Siri. I'm thinking of half a dozen Youtube videos wherein the author gives verbal commands to a new iPhone 4s and a new Droid handset sitting side by side on a coffee table. The author asks them both to find a Pizza shop near San Francisco. Siri pops up with a map of Pizza Huts, Dominos, Little Caesars, etc, and the Droid starts playing some Bowie song whose title apparently sounds like "San...
I think the whole "think up an original idea" line is meant to be "Hey Google, why don't YOU come out with the brand new, killer feature that everyone talks about, first? It just seems like you scoffed sarcastically when Siri dropped, and now that it's a household name you're scrambling to clone it." Apple didn't invent Siri, they bought it, but they did a damn fine job integrating it with their existing structure.
Droid - Star Wars Majel - Star Trek Now if they can only work-in a feature named "Gandalf" they will have accomplished the fantasy-nerd trifecta.
When asked if the passenger had been tampering with the bathroom's smoke detector, he replied, "Uhhhh, no.... that smoke is uhhhh.... from my iPhone! My iPhone which just happens to smell like pot!"
I wonder if there will be a security deposit required just in case a few iPads "fall overboard" or accidentally make it into a passenger's bag with the complementary towels.
This commercial came on tonight after Thanksgiving dinner, and my dingus brother-in-law laughed out loud when he saw it. He loves this stupid commercial.
I feel like I heard this all before.... like a year ago. "Trust me guys, the iPhone 4s will have a 4 inch screen, 4G, an aluminum back, wireless charging and syncing, and it will be 1cm thick!" After the 4s launch I'm staying away from rumors.
Waiting for the inevitable Apple commercial response: Justin Long as Mac enters left of frame. Mac: "Hi everybody. I'm Mac." An identically dressed spokesperson, played by Dane Cook, enters right of frame. Sam: "Hey everybody, I'm Sam and I'm totally cooler than Mac." Mac: "Hey Sam, did I see you parked outside my house this morning?" Sam: "Totes Bra'. I wanted to see what outfit you were wearing. Copied it. It totally looks better on me." Mac: "Okay Sam, this creepy...
When I need something small, quiet, compact, and powerful I go with a Macbook Pro. I like Apple's products when I have zero intent to take them apart or expand their internals. However when I need a workstation computer - something that I intend to open up a couple times a year to swap hard drives or video cards - I go with the cheapest solution. I can build a similarly powered Windows or Linux workstation for half the price of a Mac Pro. Sure, I'm not getting OSX, but...
Yes, because we all use our smart phones exclusively for talking to people. I would say I spend about 50% of my phone time using Safari, 30% playing games and using 3rd party apps, 10% writing e-mails, 5% consuming media (music, movies, podcasts) and the other 5% actually talking to people. However I do agree that within a year, these same companies will unveil a beefed-up Siri clone that they'll claim is superior to Apple's Siri, however by then the novelty will have worn...
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