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Really Microsoft? You have the world's most expensive lawyers at your disposal and you're rebuttal is "the font was too small"? Was "My dog ate it" not an option? I personally don't think "App Store" is overly-generic. It's the abbreviated form of the proper term "Application store." Is there a problem with using "App Shop" or "App Stop"? The name isn't what made Apple billions of dollars, it was the infrastructure and the management.
Some websites, including Comingsoon.net, Comicbookmovie.com, etc. get exclusive videos from time to time, weeks ahead of Apple, but they're embedded using flash. As for mouse-overs, I still run across plenty of Flash websites that aren't optimized for touch screens; mostly when it's a small business or an artist's web-portfolio.
I'm in the same boat, being skeptical about Flash. I see two glaring problems with having Flash on a phone. 1) Almost every flash menu/interface I can think of utilizes mouse-over in some capacity, by way of drop down menus, hover-bubbles, etc. How in the heck do you mouse-over on a touch screen cell phone? 2) The only time I find myself annoyed with my flash-less iPhone is when I'm trying to watch a movie trailer on a website which utilizes flash. Inevitably I head...
Wow, epic bump. I had a similar issue last year when I was ordering an iPod as a birthday gift. I ended up canceling because my local WalMart broke tradition and actually had the new iPods in stock. I cancelled my apple online order and received a refund 3 days later.
Apple = Company that has spent years, nay, decades funneling money and resources into a secret slate project with a perfectionist mind set, unwilling to release any information regarding the mystery product until it's absolutely perfect. Microsoft = Company that reads rumors that Apple will release a mysterious slate device some time next year. Puts less time, and less resources into their product, steals the name of Apple's product, and jumps out of the gates early,...
Sigh... Oh AT&T, I am so gonna drop you when Verizon gets an iPhone. For me, right now, the thing that bugs me most about AT&T isn't MMS (but there shouldn't be a reason why it doesn't work) but tethering! Why oh why does it seem that every other carrier in the world offers iPhone tethering for free, but here in the US? Noooo... that's 55 bucks. Huh??? Now to be fair, people are claiming that "AT&T has to charge us more because the United States has a larger continental...
New Posts  All Forums: