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Thanks for the responses. A further look at their website information about the apps supported by this software, they appear to be in 3 main categories (copied & pasted below) of which the majority fall in to either mostly bronze or silver. Very few seem to be 'gold' level performance. While I can appreciate the huge undertaking it must be to port an app to run without error on another OS, I don't think it worth my while to buy in to software that 'sort of'...
Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer some insight into this app that's supposed to allow you to run apps like MS Office et al and Quicken on your Mac, without having to install Win OS Software comes from CodeWeavers: http://www.codeweavers.com/ Cheers
Wow, do i feel like a dummy ! Thanks, i never thought to look in the Finder prefs. Cheers !
Hi all First post, been a lurker for a while. Just upgraded to Snow Leopard and everything seems fine except for trash. Normally the option to 'empty trash securely' is there but instead I do not have any option, I am forced to use the secure empty. Not normally a problem except when trying to empty larger amounts of files can take a while and frequently ends up freezing. Right click on the trash can also tries to empty securely. I got BatCHmod to force the...
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