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Updated just fine in my iPad Retina (iPad4?) OTA. D/L and update too < hr. Now moving forward with an OTA update in my i5s.
Thats kinda funny - my battery performance on my i4S IMPROVED after iOS6. Before I might get 40 or so hrs of Standby - now I was getting 50-55 hrs. I wonder if the upgrade will make things worse lol.  
I test emailed a message from my new iCloud email address that didn't reach the targeted email address, but instead went to individuals on my VIP list?
I just wonder at the utility of the boarding pass bit. When I fly US Air or Delta (the other carriers are likely the same) and I check in online, the carrier emails me a boarding pass with a barcode. Then when I get to the airport, call up my email, waive my 4S under a scanner at their kiosk and it spits out my paper boarding passes.   Last time I did it I was next to a guy at the kiosk using his credit card to retrieve his boarding passes. He eyed me and said "I've...
    Thats kinda rough. All my videos bought on iTunes are showing up across my iOS devices.
    I suspected this. I imported a plain mp3 file from YouTube and it shows up on both my laptop and the iTunes on my desktop. But imported videos, no such luck.
I have  imported a bunch of music video's into iTunes that the Cloud doesn't seem to recognize. They are on my desktop iTunes but unlike my other music/videos/iMatch are not on my laptop or i4S. Is there a workaround for this? Am I missing something? Does iCloud only recognize/transfer items obtainable in the iTunes Store?
    But isn't it only Facetime to Facetime iDevices? That is, if your contact doesn't have an iDevice you can't run Facetime to somebody running a Skype video call on his laptop.
I suspect you aren't the only one originally pwned by the update in this fashion.
I'm not sure whether 5.1 had anything to do with it - I noticed better D/L + U/L speeds when the i4S came out. Maybe 5.1 tweaked it a bit but (under ideal conditions - ie stationary near a major highway or closer to downtown) its was 5-6 mbs / DL and 1-2 mbs UL. Still a noticeable jump from my 3G and competitive/equal with a decent WiFi hookup like at the Charlotte Airport. I might have to take a trip into downtown Houston in search of the elusive 8 mps DL speed. But...
New Posts  All Forums: