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Whatever - even when the 4G indicator on its going depend where you are for best results. Close to home in a subdivision near Houston my d/l-u/l speeds are 1.5/.7. Close to a highway or closer to downtown its 6/2.5 as per Speedtest. Hopefully this addition of the new icon doesn't fry the battery faster.
Cool - thanks for spelling it out for me. Finding the right config can be a pain.
Yeah - I'm using iCloud across all devices, d/l iBooks on the phone. But I thought the fact it wasn't showing was that the Sync settings have to be tinkered with. Thanks, I'll check that out.
I have the iBooks app for my 4S but it doesn't show in my iTunes directory on either my home computer or laptop? Even with a few *.PDF files stored in it.
Actually, was able to rip into iTunes on my laptop the tracks - they showed up on iTunes in my 4S - but then when I got home and fired up iTunes on my desktop, they weren't there. I thought under iMatch they showed up across all computers/iOS devices tied together?
Realistically, to upload to iWork in iCloud - be it spreadsheets or word docs, you really need to use Keynote/Pages/Numbers for iOS? I still seem to have trouble u/l M/S Excel to iWorks.
Looks like Match works ok - I ripped some tracks from a CD of mine (Roxy Musics's Avalon) into iTunes and BINGO! They showed up immeadiately on my i4S. I have CD's more recent than that so I'm optimistic Match should work pretty good. I guess I'll have a better idea after a year as to whether its worth to $25/yr subscription, but right now it looks good.
Thats a good idea - I had no problems uploading the .txt file - maybe that will work.
Well I went from a 3G to a 4S after 2 1/2 years so it was pretty major upgrade for me. But to go from a 4S to a 5 6-8 mos later?? Dunno...it either better be a true killer smartphone or at least gold plated. I'm the type that lets his contract run for 2 years and then upgrades to the latest. Usually they have all the bugs worked out by then. About the only thing that bugs me is having to baby the battery in the 4S, so I'm kinda reluctant to jump right into the 5 if it...
Anyone having a problem uploading spreadsheets to iCloud>iWork>numbers. I always get the message "problem uploading file" and have tried Excel and CSV formats. I've iploaded a small text file to the Pages section so it DOES accept uploads, not sure why it won't take my spreadsheets.
New Posts  All Forums: