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The single computer sync is my biggest beef - ideally I'd like to be able to sync to both my laptop and my desktop fully and issue free, instead of just being able to sync to my desktop.
Not sure how it was before the 4S but you can take a video and zap it onto YouTube in the blink of an eye. I can see how that might be disconcerting to certain totalitarian regimes.
Not sure this is relevant for me - when I checked there was no grey or purple indicator, showing it hadn't been accessed in awhile and not in last 24 hrs.
....disable cellular data & use WiFi for surfing, Skype for calls. Using ATT's roaming charges would likely bankrupt you.
My 32G 4S I ordered came with about 28.5 G free. I'm pretty sure I can handle it - my 3G I used for almost 2 1/2 years still had 4 of 8 GB free at the end.
Is Bluetooth still overall disabled with the 4S? Meaning you can't use it to transfer files between devices/laptops or whatever?
Yeah - just hop it ships Mon/Tues. I have been using a 3G since Aug 2009 so I'm pretty anxious to get my 4S. I'm beginning to think the 4S is like the Unicorn - people have spotted it and claimed its wonderful but its existence is hard to prove, from my perspective.
Dunno if I would be in too great a hurry given that it might take a full day to activate anyway! , from what I've been hearing.
Ordered 2pm Oct 7 - rec'd the email saying would be shipped by Oct 14 but ATT site still shows "processing". Presume it will go out next week. Its funny, but if you were to order a 4S from scratch TODAY, ATT's site has a delivery date 21-24 days in future. At least the status of my order isn't reading 'backordered." Guess we will have to check Monday to see whats up.
My preorder from Oct 7 is STILL showing "processing" and my credit card hasn't gotton hit yet. After 2 1/2 years with a 3G I'll be in tears if I'm one of the suckers that pre-ordered and now has to wait an extra 2 weeks.
New Posts  All Forums: