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Upgraded to iTunes 10.5, then promptly D/L all my songs from the Cloud onto my laptop without a hitch. Previously they had all been on my main desktop. So far I like this arrangement and will like it even further when I set up my i4S later this week. I wanted to test-fire it somewhat early to get a feel for it.
I ordered mine at 3pm CST today - shortly afterward received the email from ATT confirming receipt of the pre-order. Shortly after that, another confirming processing of the order complete and the phone would be shipped Oct 14. I was surprised at how smoothly it all went - took less than 5 minutes with no trouble on the ATT website. FWIW, I ordered the 32G flavour - in black. Now its just a week away - after 2+ years on my first iPhone, a 3G.
What is the thinking on pre-orders? Is ATT likely to allow them on / about Oct 4 or will it just be a free-for-all
...I still have a good 36 hrs standby - over 50 hrs recently before last recharge - on my 2+ yr old 3G. But yeah, battery drops pretty good with a few calls or WiFi usage. Its still usable and I have rock solid confidence in it, but it IS really time for an upgrade. From a 3G to i4S or i5 (or whatever it will be called) will like going from an Edsel to a modern Jag .
Ha! I picked up a 3G phone a week after the 3GS was released. Guess they were dumping inventory as I got mine < $100. I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting but my contract is up and it was time for a new phone. Now I'm hooked . Well my contract just expired in August so you can be sure I'm waiting for the i5 to come out. I'm confident it will be a quantum leap over what I have been using (but still liking) over the last 2 years. But sounds like the demand will be...
It would seem that part of iOS5 will be an Apple Proprietary messaging/email system between Apple devices. Antbody have an idea as to how the "address" is going to be determined? As an iPhone user would I have to log on somewhere and "establish" an address for my device or would that simply come as part of the device itself. Also, do you think we will be able to look up another user's address? I mean, say you know a friend of yours has an iPad and you want to send him a...
Tell me about it. I got my 3G 2 years ago when I renewed my contract and am totally hooked. Now my contract expires luckily enough June 18 which positions me favourably for the iPhone 5 (or whatever it winds up being called) release. Going from the 3G to the i5 will probably feel like going from a Model T to a Porsche
Getting in is fine - D/L updates or music is where it chokes.
Has anybody else's service on iTunes today been interrupted. Tried to log in on both my iPhone and my laptop and had no luck. Even changed my p/w but still wouldn't d/l any updates / allow me to view my account.
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