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Yup - iPhone 3G July 2009 for $90 when I did my upgrade. It was my first smart phone and I guess since the 3GS had been released a week before ATT were dumping the spare 3G's. I wasn't smart enough to do much research as like I said it was my first smart phone but I still don't regret my purchase. But 3G or not I was hooked and wondered how in 30 years of using cell phones I had survived to this point. Now my contract is well timed - up in July 2011 and after using a 3G...
http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000...=djemalertNEWS Guess the logo on my Skype app on my iPhone is gonna look different soon Dammit!
With all the devastation reports coming out of Japan I've seen alot of them using Skype - both voice and video hookup. I'm wondering if this is due to the cost factor of getting reports back to the 'States - or ease of connectivity. If its connectivity it makes me shake my head at how stable and widespread Japan's WiFi networks are, as some reports have come via voice alone over Skype connected phones in devastated areas. Heck, I've seen some VIDEO Skype calls from...
I just checked my settings and I have the Group tab off but I know I've sent to multiple recipients before??
Is there any utility in upgrading if you have a 3G iPhone?
Hopefully others can add to it as needed. It only took one week in Canada (which by the way seems to have pretty lame cellular coverage - and I was in the downtown Hamilton/Burlington Ont areas) to open my eyes to what could happen to my bill
Spent one week just in Canada in Sept/2010 and got hit with $110 increase to my phone bill from LIMITED use. So I looked around and these SEEM to be the best way to avoid getting screwed outside the US. So - for non-business travel: 1) Subscribe to Boingo - at least for the duration of the trip. Pretty good hotspot coverage worldwide at $7.95/mth. Maybe checkout JiWire's iPhone app for seeking out hotspots (although I bet more than a few of us already have similiar apps...
Is there an antenna / attachment that can be coupled to the iPhone to boost WiFi Signal Strength/Reception?
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