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guys i have 2.26 Ghz macbook pro is there anyway to upgrade to 2.53 from 2.26? if there is how do i do it? and how much will it cost?
they better fix internet problem if it is software issue
i should?
i do use snow leopard and i am hoping it will get fixed real soon..... but if i go to leopard im gonna have to re-download everything since i do not use time machine
im disconnected through wireless and ethernet radomly and it seems many people are having same problem http://discussions.apple.com/thread....48173#10448173 how come apple is not fixing it? and if there is anyone who knows how to fix please help
hi i always put my speaker silent before i shut down but every time i turn on my macbook the speaker is not silent anymore is this supposed to be happening?
hello im trying to buy a applecare for my macbook pro and i was searching on ebay have any of you bought a applecare from ebay and works even after 5 month?
im connected through ethernet cable and it doesnt happen on mozilla firefox and it happens on any sites randomly
because my other pc works fine and mozilla works fine?
no when i open a page with safari it randomly disconnects or takes really long time to load the page
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