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I wonder if the lords of Infinite Loop will grant us an alpha-numeric keyboard, or will it remain in-house? ( Apple Store employee iPads have this keyboard already. )
Yes, a Brit.  You know the Brits of course. Easy with their dispensing of contempt of America, but who got plenty of help from the "fucktards" twice in the 20th century in order not to end up speaking German.  And let us not forget their technological accomplishments like Lucas Self-Extinguishing headlights, and Norton motorcycles, each and every one of which was equipped with a self-lubricating garage floor.
The last time I was in a Fry's, it proved very hard to but a NEW fax machine in the model I wanted. they were all refurbs although not so advertised. The laptop I wanted on another occasion? All six in stock were open-box, all with missing parts or manuals. I see no reason to return.
You are certainly correct on that!  But in my area, getting help in the appliance department is next impossible.  There is no one there. At all.  I found one BB that had very helpful and cheerful folks in the appliance department.  But problem? The freezer I wanted was not in stock and not in the warehouse. Great price, though...    I went over the Lowe's.  They had a good price on what I wanted?  "Got one in stock?"  "Yes Mr Grizzly, we do. What is the delivery address?"...
Beast Buys are often located in some pretty dodgy parts of town, or they get a lot of bus and light-rail customers.  Take that to mean whatever you want.  Apple stores are generally in good areas, in well-kept malls with good security.
You don't understand.  She is a member of a protected class and you are not.  She counts, you don't.  I, too, am a while male and am at least told I am handsome, especially given my age.  I know the type you mean, and they don't belong on a sales floor, regardless their orientation.
I believe he means the availability of iDisk.  iCloud offers no such service.
And you are perfectly free to buy something else. No one is standing outside a shop with a gun, forcing you in the door, are they?
Then don't buy one.
The present case design does the job. Why change for the sake of change? Besides, as Apple slowly leaves the computer business, there is no need for them to invest in something they really are no longer interested in supporting.
New Posts  All Forums: