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I think they should just keep buying back shares until I'm the only shareholder left. Then I'll own all of Apple!!! :-) 
I would guess more of the same... a GPU that's 25 to 50% faster, a dual core CPU that's about 25% faster, a better camera ISP, better audio processing circuitry, and yeah -- probably better performance/watt (so improved battery life).  The days of either CPU or GPU performance doubling are probably over. 
The iMac part of this story is what I find most interesting. I ordered my BTO 5k iMac right away and I didn't experience too much of a delay. I have the impression that Apple had adequate stock on hand at launch to deal with the initial surge, but they underestimated the "steady state" level of demand. I find that to be very encouraging regarding the popularity of the 5k iMac. For purely selfish reasons I'd like to see desktop Macs do well, since I vastly prefer desktops...
Not to mention the fact that the main competitor for iTunes was Napster. Apple beat free, folks! 
A thousand times "yup!"  I think part of this is due to the fact that historically most research in education has been fairly terrible -- more navel gazing than rigorous evaluation of what works and what doesn't. Consequently people don't really know if anything is going to work, so they never fully implement it, and they keep switching between the latest fads.  Within the last 15 years or so the quality of *some* research in education has improved, but there's still a...
I agree. As the story notes, when kids get into later grades they need a keyboard. Apple should be marketing iPads to kids in elementary grades but MacBook Airs for kids in middle and high school. If Apple is pushing iPads for older kids, they're making a mistake.  I think the mistake that districts might end up making is to buy the cheapest, crappiest Chromebooks. If they race to the bottom they might be disappointed. 
I don't know anything about this guy, but it seems to me that the issue here for Samsung is far more fundamental than any one person.    It seems to me that Samsung is an engineering-driven company, not a design-driven company (ok let's set aside that it's actually a nepotism-driven company). That means that Samsung is good at implementing other people's ideas, not at coming up with ideas of their own. This makes Samsung a great component supplier.   And there's...
They should really just go to the people who made Pirates of Silicon Valley and ask them to start the new movie from where the first one left off. That movie was excellent and it was incredibly well cast.    Then they could come back a few years later and do a movie focused on the between-Apple years. 
the French accent thing is really annoying and fairly stupid.
Yes, it's a serious question and it's not nonsense. RAM being soldered into the mac mini is irrelevant because the Mac Mini is not made of gold. There's no real reason to hold onto the case of a Mac mini when you want to upgrade it.  People who buy gold watches that cost several thousand dollars do not replace them every two years. A gold watch is something people buy to keep for a decade, at least.  I will be surprised and disappointed if the S1 isn't upgradable....
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