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I hadn't thought of the connection between Swift and IBM enterprise apps for iPad, but it seems pretty obvious now that it's pointed out :-)   If Apple can actually meet cook's goal of going from 20 percent enterprise penetration to 60 percent, that would be a pretty big deal. 
It's too difficult for me to assess the technical merits of the issues this guy is raising, and I doubt I'll be able to really assess Apple's reply either, if they make one.    So here's how I look at it:    1. Apple's profits come from selling iPhones to consumers, not from selling consumers' data to other people. This leads me to think Apple will tend to be better (not perfect, just better) about respecting and protecting customer privacy than Google. (Microsoft's...
 I would think an AT&T purchase would (1) be too US-centric and (2) do more harm than good since it would alienate every other carrier.  But IBM.... if it could be done it could create an incredibly powerful company. If it happens, though, it won't be any time soon. They'll see how this new partnership goes, try out some partnerships with IBM in other areas, and if all that goes well, then maybe. 
"...especially in M&A..." After spending $3 billion on Beats, I find that quote very interesting. I wonder if Cook has his eyes set on some more big mergers/acquisitions. Since I never in a million years would have guessed Beats, I can't even begin to imagine what else TC might be thinking of...
So... do you think that using all caps on the word vision constitutes an argument? 
 If you think that the vast majority of Apple's profits come from something other than the sale of physical products, you truly cannot read a 10-K. 
Good way to express it. 
iPads are already all over the health system. I've had more contact with the health system lately than what I would like, and I see them everywhere.  This deal adds some nice capabilities to devices that businesses are already buying. This is adding features to an existing product. It's second order. 
They have a growth opportunity. But it's not clear at all that it's a huge growth opportunity.  In the absence of this deal, Apple was probably going to cross the 200 million unit mark in annual iPhone sales next year or the year after that anyway. Increasing iPhone sales another 1% means 2 million more iPhone sales per year. I think that's the most one could hope for from this deal and it just isn't that much compared to Apple's overall size.  Don't get me wrong -- I...
 No, it really wouldn't. Mobile payments is a feature, not a product.  The needle moves on the stock price when more iPhones, iPads, Macs, or some new product (iWatch maybe) are sold. This IBM deal makes those products more appealing to business users, but many of those business users were going to buy Apple products anyway.  Say adding these new features increases iPhone sales by 1 million a year --- that's less than a 1% increase. Nice to have, but the stock isn't going...
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