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Shouldn't the terrorists see Tim Cook and Apple as enemies? I mean, this is a very profitable company led by a gay American. Why would they trust him when he says that Apple doesn't have the ability to decrypt iMessage? Isn't that kind of like the Germans buying message encryption machines from an English company during WW2?    To paraphrase Alan Kay, people who are serious about war and terrorism should really do their own encryption. 
Liability seems like a bizarre thing to worry about. If the local taxi company can handle the liability expenses of providing car service, then I'm sure Apple can too. Actually, Apple just might be big enough to get a really good deal on insurance.
I actually think that Apple would own the vehicles and directly employ the people who drive them (until, of course, they become autonomous).It is for the same reason Apple prefers to own their own retail stores and directly employ their own employees, rather than relying on Best Buy et al.Also, I think that a key reason for Apple providing transportation as a service rather than selling cars is that electric cars are expensive and incinvenient. The issues of range and...
Kind of like how Apple wouldn't want the inventory expense or the employee expense of owning a bunch of retail stores.
Similarly, I do not think that Apple will sell automobiles directly to consumers. I think they will sell transportation as a service. Basically, a more trustworthy, consistent, and higher-quality Uber.
 Why fusion? Why not just keep burning fossil fuels? I mean if the whole global warming thing is a hoax by that evil genius Al Gore, then why not just keep extracting and burning?
Not only is Apple doing the right thing on this issue, they are also making an investment in their brand. Aside from some gullible hicks in the US who are easy marks for oil industry propaganda, most people in the world take global warming seriously.   A closely related issue is air pollutants that cause lung disease. In countries like China and India clean air is an increasingly important issue. If Apple becomes closely associated with clean air it will be a very...
Yeah, it's nice to have money.    I guess in some ways this is similar to the difference between a grass-fed organic steak and corn-fed hormone-filled beefazoid. 
So has anybody downloaded this and discovered if Office 2016 really works now?    I'd like to see some reports that it works before I download it. I've been sticking Yosemite until I am sure Office 2016 will work. 
Hard to say, and I guess it depends on one's point of view. Perhaps Apple introduced a change that was not necessarily a "mistake" but created a need for Microsoft to expend considerable effort to work around the change. Maybe the two companies got together and concluded that it would be easier if Apple just rolled back the change, or implemented the change in a different way.  Or you might be right -- this could have been a bug that was entirely Apple's fault, but only...
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