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You're arguing with your imagination. I never said that Apple should get in the business of spec whoring, nor did I say they need a blow away new phone every year. I simply made the observation that the 6s sounds like it will *not* be a blow away phone, and that some people will react badly to that, creating a buying opportunity.  Reading comprehension people. Read what's in front of you, not in your imaginations. 
Yeah, if MS buys BB it will be all about the server/enterprise side.
The rumors are making the 6s sound like the least significant new model yet. The difference between the 5 and 5s was much bigger -- the 5s got touchID and cyclone, along with a better camera. ForceTouch doesn't seem to be nearly as big of a deal as touchID, and I'm guessing the A9 won't offer nearly as large a performance as improvement relative to the A8 as the A7 did relative to the A6.    I bet this will result in more people saying that Apple can't innovate.... but...
It seems hard to draw inferences about demand when it isn't even available to purchase in stores yet. I suspect there are a lot of people, and maybe particularly women, who want to be able to try it on and then buy the one they want on the spot. Scheduling an appointment to try it on and then placing a separate order online is kind of cumbersome.    Until Apple has good availability at retail, I don't think we'll have a very clear sense of what the real demand is. 
So are you disputing the point that the federal government is essentially an insurance company with an army?  If so, what's your basis for arguing that?  If not, what's your point? My guess -- you're post is pointless. 
You're confusing issues. Medicare has a lower overhead cost than private insurers, thanks primarily to its size.  The issue of whether Medicare will be "solvent" or not is not a matter of efficiency. It's a matter of whether there will be enough tax revenue to meet Medicare's obligations. That's a different thing from efficiency. 
That's ideological BS. There are some things that the government does better than private corporations (for example, medicare is more efficient than private health insurance), other things not as well (the Soviets showed that governments don't make very good cars, for example).  In the case of the US, the federal government spends most of its money on the things it does better than private corporations. As Paul Krugman has said, you can think of the US federal government...
This is not only just a good thing to do, it's great for Apple's brand. I suspect the brand aspect of this will be particularly valuable in China, where the environmental costs of rapid development have been high. The Chinese can now afford to care about the environment, and they do. 
Hmmm.... reading 28nm for the main processor gives me pause about buying the first generation apple watch.    If Apple moves to 14/16nm for the second generation, it could mean a big improvement in performance and/or battery life. 
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