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What does that really even mean? What "investment" is required for the iPod Touch? All they have to do (and more or less all they've ever done) is put N-1 generation iPhone components into the N generation iPod Touch. How hard is that? And why would they ever stop doing that? It seems like a great way to make a little bit more money off of the iPhone investments that they've already made. A big chunk of the fixed costs in something like the A6 is in the development. The...
I think this article is a tad misleading, in that it implies Apple's move to designing its own chips and using Samsung just for manufacturing is evidence of the "rift." In fact, this is the sort of thing Apple would have done anyway. The real evidence of the rift is the alleged move to TSMC.
If apple were to put their own custom-designed ARM chips in Macs, here is how it would happen:   1. Apple would design a 64 bit ARM processor. 2. That processor would first be used in Apple's data centers -- we wouldn't hear about it for years 3. Once Apple was satisfied with the processor, it would introduce it to outside customers at the high end. Perhaps Apple would make a "render farm in a box" and sell it to people who need a lot of CPU power for very...
Naturally Schmidt has to defend android and his decision to wreck google's relationship with apple. What else is he going to say? But if I were a google shareholder, I would not find his marketshare numbers very comforting. I would be more focused on profitability. Google has figured out a way to both steal other people's IP AND lose money on it. Once google shareholders realize the magnitude of this f-up, I doubt Schmidt and rubin will survive. Maybe the founders will...
Yup -- the biggest problem is the data.I'd like somebody to explain how exactly more users will improve the data situation. If apple sees a lot of people going where there is no road, will they infer there's a road there? How will apple learn that there is a whole foods someplace that they didn't know about? Are users supposed to report problems every time they want to add information?
I think part of the issue here is a disconnect between the interests of smartphone buyers and the interests of pundits. The pundits just want an entertaining show and something to write about (that people will read). If Apple just comes out with yet another iPhone that consumers love, that's not exciting -- who is going to read a story about the sun rising in the morning? How are they going to get people to read their pontifications? Solution: invent controversy by...
Note there's a difference between "analysts" (as in, Wall Street) and "pundits" (as in, gizmodo). The analysts actually do a much better job than the pundits (which really tells you something about how bad the pundits do!) 
  The latter, but it will take them a while to figure it out. Funny the things that apple-hate can do to cognitive abilities. 
  And yet they also like keeping secrets. This could be a secret worth keeping as long as they can -- it's a safe bet that if they did something good here, people will try to copy it. 
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