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What does that really even mean? Apple is a private company in so far as it's not a state-owned company.  But do you mean that you don't want ordinary people to be able to own part of Apple? Do you want it owned by a few billionaires? Why is that a good thing exactly?  Or do you mean that you want it to be an employee-owned company (like an ESOP)? I could see that making sense. But then as someone else said, I'd have to go work for them. 
It seems to me that the retailers just got greedy. Avoiding the fees charged by the credit card companies is a good goal, and if they had limited themselves to that objective, I might have been supportive. But they got greedy when they tried to turn this into a way to mine customer data. That's a huge mistake. It would have been hard enough to fight the credit card companies over the fees. Now they're fighting a war on two fronts -- both the credit card companies and...
I totally agree. I wonder if this whole thing was a scam by those c-level guys. The c-level people in a lot of companies are just high class con-men. 
I'm really curious to see how Denver compares. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that will be the only other custom 64-bit ARM chip out there. It seems everything else is based on ARM reference designs. 
Interesting that Apple was so conservative with their 40% CPU improvement statement, and didn't even mention that they added a core.  In some ways, it almost seems like a big FU from Apple marketing to the whole speeds-and-feeds crowd. Basically, we care so little about your spec-bullsh!t that we aren't even going to tout our own superiority using your own metrics. 
In addition to that, it doesn't use "standard" USB cables, a parallel port, or a 5.25" floppy. Damn those hippies in Cupertino! 
I think you might be too charitable. The timing of stock sales from senior execs at GTA are very suspicious. This could be a situation where Apple got scammed. If so, that's pretty embarrassing for Apple. As a stockholder, I'd almost prefer that the story was Apple being a big meanie, rather than Apple being scammed... 
I'm very hesitant to buy anything like this from a company that is small enough to be bought by Google (a la Nest).    There is no way I'm handing the keys to my house over to Google (and whoever the highest bidder is for Google to turn over my information). 
In some sense the problem is that it's actually not that pesky. People no longer feel that the constitution is sufficient to protect them from an overreaching police state.  Of course, it's probably fair to say that people have the government they deserve. Since Nixon (at least), politicians have been using the threat of crime, commies, and terrorists as reasons to weaken people's civil rights and increase police powers. The courts have become stacked with...
 The problem as I see it is that a large fraction of the public, regardless of political affiliation, no longer agrees with the government regarding what is "unreasonable" and what ought to be "lawful." The post 9-11 overreach by the government (all levels and branches, both major political parties) means that the government has lost the consent of a large fraction of the governed.  It will take a very long time to regain that public trust. The first step would be to...
New Posts  All Forums: