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And Apple $$, which appear to be helping Samsung narrow the gap with Intel. It typically takes Intel about 18 to 24 months to move from one process to the next (for example, the first 22nm processor from Intel was put on sale in April 2012, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/22_nanometer and 14nm processors have yet to be sold, making this an unusually long time between processes for Intel). Meanwhile, Apple/Samsung took just 12 months to make the transitions between 45 nm and...
I think it's really interesting that Apple is becoming a 21st century version of what IBM once was -- the preeminent vertically integrated computer company. In 1970 the computers were in big rooms, today they slip into your pocket. But both then and now, the most successful computer company designs/controls the silicon, OS, compilers, programming language, and more.    In the 1990s it was taken as given by many industry observers that vertical integration was a failed...
I think it would have been better if Apple had not allowed these things in the app store. Let Android be the platform for organized crime and wing-nut libertarian ideologues. 
 Ditto. Even if you can somehow convince yourself that it's ok to trust the developer with *everything* you type on your phone, are you sure you trust the company that comes along and buys that developer out? One great feature of Apple products is Apple's market cap --- it's too big for Google to buy. 
This is the perfect move -- it simultaneously increases the average intelligence of NBA owners and technology company CEOs. 
Can't wait to see Windows 8 on a 1.5" touch screen. Because of course everything can be a PC running windows, right? I'm imagining a toothpick sized stylus and an origami folding keyboard.
1. 16 to 32 cores in a MacBook or iMac seems highly unlikely. Maybe it would make sense for a subset of Mac Pro users, but that's a niche within a niche.    2. Otherwise, the rumor of Apple having prototype Macs running ARM is totally believable. Even if Apple never pulls the trigger it's a good insurance policy and negotiating chip with Intel. If the Apple of the early 90s could afford to keep a port of System 7 running on Intel as an insurance policy, then the Apple of...
I would love to know whether this is a case of demand being higher than expected or if it's a case of supply being lower than expected demand. Either way, it has been a very long time since apple has had such a hard time getting supply caught up with demand. The last time I remember it being this bad was when the "low cost" Mac IIsi and LC came out, can anyone remember something more recent?
We need to figure out a way to harness Samsung's enthusiasm for copying whatever Apple does and use it for some greater good.   Maybe we could convince Samsung that Apple is building an economical fusion reactor and this would inspire Samsung to figure out how to actually do that. Or asteroid mining robots. Or an interstellar space cruiser. 
My understanding is that our brains do essentially the same thing. This is extremely cool. I hope they can implement this relatively soon. 
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