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I had kind of hoped that Apple would have kept it around at a lower price in developing markets to gain market share. But perhaps Apple is thinking that the iPod Touch is the better way to attract people to the ecosystem at a lower price. Plus, I'm sure there will be plenty of used iPhones sold at discounted prices around the world, which can also help expand the user base.
It will be interesting to compare the performance of the Krait to the A15. 
Krait is not A15. It's a custom core designed by Qualcomm that is not based on the A15. It may perform similarly to the A15, but I don't think that is generally known yet. 
  I actually do think it's reasonable to believe that somebody will pick an iPhone instead of a cheap android phone as their first smartphone. For example, I'm sure that when my niece and nephew are old enough to get smart phones, they'll get iPhones -- their family has the money and they already like Apple products.    But that issue aside, I think it's interesting to note the massive difference between the U.S. and the rest of the world. The iPhone is the dominant...
It's interesting to think about this in the context of the story from yesterday in which somebody said the iPhone 5 will add to growth. If the iPhone 5 just shifts demand from those other companies to Apple, then the net effect on growth could be very small. This is a nice lesson in macro-economics and aggregate demand.
I think it's safe to say that apple doesn't need to worry about competition from the Kindle Fire in markets like this.
Wild -- I wonder what carrier is being used, and if Amazon is somehow subsidizing the LTE coverage. If not, then Apple should go kick AT&T and VZ in the nuts and demand a better deal for iPad users. 
Dropping the 3GS in "rich" countries makes sense. But it would also make sense to keep it around at a lower price in developing countries. 
Sounds good to me. Breaking up Ma Bell took government intervention -- we'll probably need similar intervention here, too. 
Yeah, there are definitely gaps in what you can do without cable TV, and that does kinda suck. I think a route for Apple to go here would be to skip as many middle men as possible and  start making deals with the content producers. For example, they should work out a deal directly with the NFL to get football games on the Apple TV. That might take a few years (until the NFL's existing TV contracts are up), but it eventually could be done.    And of course apps -- with...
New Posts  All Forums: