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 Not really -- in fact, not at all. There is no non-reitna version of the iPhone 5s, in fact there is no non-retina iPhone on sale now at all.  Regarding iPads, there is no non-retina equivalent of the iPad 4. The iPad 2 is inferior to the iPad 4 along several dimensions.  Regarding MBPs, the retina MBP has a better form factor and weight than the legacy MBP.  To do what I suggest, Apple would offer a non-retina version of current iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks that...
This is consistent with my long-standing hypothesis that super high resolution (retina) displays are not highly valued by most consumers. I think it's similar to how most consumers (as in 95%) are perfectly happy with 256 kbps AAC files and would never, ever pay extra for lossless.    Also consistent with that hypothesis is the lackluster sales performance of the retina MBP.    I think Apple would be smart to offer retina and non-retina versions of all products, using...
 I suspect that's true of most of Samsung's customers, too. Samsung, like so many other tech companies, does not really understand its customers. I suspect that's one reason Samsung (and Dell et al) throw so many products up on the wall to see what sticks -- they just have no idea what real people want or need. They design for and market to the tech nerd press. 
 Because Samsung and others are focused on the wrong things, which is why their marketing sucks and their product designs suck (unless they are copying Apple).  Even if Apple were totally amoral, I doubt Apple would bother cheating on these benchmarks because from a marketing standpoint it's a stupid thing to do and from an engineering standpoint there are better things to do with their time. 
Yikes...   I love my iPad, and I think it is certainly possible that the iPad could be a great educational tool.    But they should really conduct a rigorous evaluation of this before they scale it up. (maybe they did, but I doubt it -- Europeans are surprisingly hostile towards rigorous evaluations of social/educational programs). 
  Bingo!   Also India. 
  I understand your point, but if I were Jobs, I would have done exactly the same thing. 
mutually assured annoyance. 
I did not mean to suggest that all progress should stop and that Apple should never introduce an A7. Instead, I only meant that for the iPhone 5S, I'm not sure that it's really necessary to improve SOC performance. I think that given a choice between longer battery life and higher CPU performance, it would currently be best to move in the direction of longer battery life. But eventually, sure, it will make sense to push again on performance. And tablets are a different...
  Naturally they should not make a decision based on the perceptions of a single customer if those perceptions are not shared by any other customers. I'm not in a position to know that either way. All I do know is that when I had my iPhone 4, I appreciated the fact that it was much faster than the 3G that I had owned before, but I could still see areas where I would benefit from greater speed (for example, the time it took for the camera app to be ready to take a picture...
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