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Just to be clear, folks -- it's totally fine to defraud people less powerful than you (for example, EULAs, DMCA, private health insurance). But it is definitely NOT ok to defraud people more powerful than you (for example, HP).
A good thing to keep in mind about financial advisors and analysts is that their primary incentive is to attract and retain paying clients, which does not necessarily align with saying what they really think is correct.    For example, a good advisor might very well think that there is a bubble in a particular market, and that staying out of that market is the best advice to their clients. But if unsophisticated clients follow that advice, and see themselves missing...
I definitely think the online Apple store is harder to navigate than it used to be. There are too many click-throughs to get to the product you want. I know the product line has expanded, but it hasn't expanded *that* much. I don't think they needed to add the extra click-through. 
I would imagine that conventional wind turbines give off a fair bit of heat anyway (friction from moving parts). If that waste heat could be captured and stored for later use it would increase the overall efficiency of wind turbines while also reducing the variability of supply.    I wonder if there's any aspect of what Apple is doing here that would support a combined system like that...
I'm starting to think that there is a huge difference between "phone market share" and "mobile computing market share". Android has clearly become the dominant firmware / embedded OS for mobile phones. iOS seems pretty dominant (at least in the US) in the realm of mobile computing. Another way to look at it is that the iPhone is really an iPad Nano that comes with a phone app.
  Right, which is why Apple's headquarters is in business-friendly North Dakota rather than someplace like California. 
IBM still makes a lot of sense to me. GloFo seems less likely, as they have a lousy track record producing chips for AMD, but you never know.
I think that in another 6-12 months Microsoft is going to be forced to come to terms with the very painful reality that their phone and tablet strategy has been a complete failure. At that point, MS will have to swallow its pride and accept Apple's app store terms in order to sell Office on iDevices. Otherwise, MS will be totally cut out of the future of growth in the personal computing market. Maybe this can only happen with Ballmer being fired. My hope is that MS will...
  I like that idea. Assuming the government would allow it, Apple financing the upgrade/expansion of unicom and telecom's networks, combined with continued iPhone exclusivity on those networks, combined with even more favorable financial terms for apple could be a great deal for everyone (except China Mobile).
Murdoch is evil. I'm glad his filth won't be polluting iDevices.    I would much rather support something like The Magazine. 
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