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maybe they could auction off suffixes and use the money to bail out spain (greece doesn't deserve it, but I feel bad for the spanish)
Have you seen the retina display on the new iPad? I find that it is even more noticeable for reading text than for video and pictures. And I presume you do read:-)
Die, die, die.... kill, kill, kill....    (just don't ask me to calculate Pi to the last digit...)
  Sounds plausible.    Regarding the Mac Pro (I own the 2009 version), I'm personally kind of glad to be spared the decision of whether to upgrade. But I think it was a mistake not to boost the current model up to contemporary Xeons, GPUs, and add thunderbolt. It seems like that would not have been too hard and would have satisfied a lot of people's needs.    I don't agree that Apple is "abandoning" pro users, but I think Apple is badly mishandling pro users. It's kind of...
I am getting the sense that Macs are close to infiltrating the company where I work. Most of the senior executives have Macs at home, and multiple new employees have requested them at work. The former head of our IT group has implicitly been demoted and I suspect part of that might have to do with his stubborn refusal to accept Macs (and other aspects of the 21st century). It could be that the next big growth story for Apple will not be in television, but rather, Macs in...
  Heh -- yeah, I'd like to see the functional form of the regression model that concludes from Windows' plummeting sales and the soaring sales of iOS and Android that these trends will suddenly, almost magically, reverse at some point just over the horizon. 
Yeah, I think this nails it.    Really bizarre. 
Didn't we learn all there was to learn about the March quarter from apple's earnings press release and conference call? Is there anything new here?
  Yeah, I suspect there are two reasons.   First, creative types make content, and content is absolutely vital to the success of Apple's consumer-oritented products. So it's good to make sure the creative types have good tools for making content for Apple platforms.    Second, it might be an indicator that Apple has plans for going after more "pro" class users, and consequently wants to keep their hand in the game of making pro apps, to make sure their OS and tools...
Encouraging sign for all pro users, not just music folks, in that this is an indication that Apple still cares about Pro users. 
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