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I don't think anyone ever said they were immune to theft. That's absurd. What else do you do with your straw man?
If Apple has lost that spirit among its retail employees then I think it's a failure of management that needs to be corrected. I appreciate that it may be more difficult to maintain that spirit on a larger scale, but they MUST do it if they want to be true to themselves and maintain their success longer term.  Apple retail should not be judged by the typical standards of retail. It should be judged by the standards of Apple. 
Apple has redefined retail and as a result has the most profitable stores in the world -- by far.  So why should Apple stop being exceptional and instead just settle for being like every other retail store? 
Awesome post -- well said! Seems to me that it ought to be possible to address theft by employees in a more targeted way. Given modern inventory control technology, Apple ought to be able to determine very quickly if there is a statistically significant increase in missing inventory at specific stores, and perhaps even if the stuff goes missing on certain days but not others. That could be the basis of a more targeted investigation in specific stores and perhaps during...
That's pretty bad publicity for Skanska. The disagreement must have been massive in order for them to pull out. I'd think they'd rather accept a small loss than take the publicity hit, so they must have been looking at a pretty big loss if they remained involved. 
You're arguing with your imagination. I never said that Apple should get in the business of spec whoring, nor did I say they need a blow away new phone every year. I simply made the observation that the 6s sounds like it will *not* be a blow away phone, and that some people will react badly to that, creating a buying opportunity.  Reading comprehension people. Read what's in front of you, not in your imaginations. 
Yeah, if MS buys BB it will be all about the server/enterprise side.
The rumors are making the 6s sound like the least significant new model yet. The difference between the 5 and 5s was much bigger -- the 5s got touchID and cyclone, along with a better camera. ForceTouch doesn't seem to be nearly as big of a deal as touchID, and I'm guessing the A9 won't offer nearly as large a performance as improvement relative to the A8 as the A7 did relative to the A6.    I bet this will result in more people saying that Apple can't innovate.... but...
New Posts  All Forums: