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I would love to know whether this is a case of demand being higher than expected or if it's a case of supply being lower than expected demand. Either way, it has been a very long time since apple has had such a hard time getting supply caught up with demand. The last time I remember it being this bad was when the "low cost" Mac IIsi and LC came out, can anyone remember something more recent?
We need to figure out a way to harness Samsung's enthusiasm for copying whatever Apple does and use it for some greater good.   Maybe we could convince Samsung that Apple is building an economical fusion reactor and this would inspire Samsung to figure out how to actually do that. Or asteroid mining robots. Or an interstellar space cruiser. 
My understanding is that our brains do essentially the same thing. This is extremely cool. I hope they can implement this relatively soon. 
 Everything you say seems right to me. I think these people look at the big piles of money as trophies. It's not about using the money... it's about showing off the money.  I really wish we had a very high marginal tax rate on very high incomes. And a very big inheritance tax on very big inheritances. 
Yup, pretty much. 
Wow -- that's a big pile of money for just walking through the door. I need to find better doors.
"Google desperately needs a hardware business" Maybe this is true now, given the choices that Google has made over the last 10 years, but it did not have to be this way. Google makes its money off of search, advertising, web services. If Google had played the role that Steve Jobs had envisioned, Apple would never have moved to compete with Google in these areas. I wonder how much money Google has lost since Apple introduced its own maps app and how much more google will...
Clearly won't happen while Republicans control the House.
 I think this whole thing is a great example of how the assertions made by open source advocates are based on little more than blind faith.  Specifically, there are two blind faith assumptions here: 1. people who contribute to open source projects are altruistic2. bugs and security flaws are more likely to be spotted if there are thousands of eyes reviewing the code What we find in practice, however, is: 1. there are many people who are not altruistic -- in fact some that...
If nothing else this could improve Apple's ability to negotiate with Qualcomm. 
New Posts  All Forums: