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Does anybody know if is it almost exactly the same game on both platforms (aside from necessary UI differences)? Are there any noticeable graphical differences?
Apple's stock cannot seem to sustain a trailing P/E above 17. The whole "law of large numbers" / "regression to the mean" argument is just too deeply entrenched. Apple now exists outside of the range of data that analysts use to predict the future. Their statistical models keep insisting that Apple will regress to the mean. Every time Apple pushes higher, they become more firmly convinced that mean regression is right around the corner. I don't see this cycle ending. 
At this point, 1H 2015 really means Q2 2015 (calendar quarter, that is). 450k out of 5M is 9 percent. If about 75% of Macs are laptops, that means about 12 percent of Mac laptops sold in the quarter.    I actually think that's pretty reasonable. Remember that this is competing against the rest of the Mac lineup, which includes the 13" rMBP for the same price but a much stronger spec sheet (except, of course, for weight).    I'm sure there are some hard core road...
 There's an aspect of that kind of thinking that seems deeply flawed to me. Who introduces a $10,000 gold watch in April and then makes it obsolete in October? My guess --- NOBODY!  I don't know how Apple is going to balance the competing expectations of people coming from the luxury watch market and people coming from the smartphone market, but I just can't see them treating this product like another iPod or iPhone. Something has to give.  I've been thinking that it would...
I think it would be very beneficial to sales if the guts of the Watch could be upgraded for a fee. If that's possible, and if that's Apple's intent, they should be making a big deal out of it.    I think people would be much more likely to drop $600 on a steel watch if they knew that in two years they could upgrade the guts for $200 or $300.    At least, I sure would. 
Apple must be the most socially and economically progressive mega-corp in the world.    I wonder what would happen if Apple were to become more politically engaged, particularly in US states like Arizona and Texas.    Al Gore may end up being glad that he didn't win the White House. At the end of the day, being on the Apple board of directors might be the more powerful position. 
Very cool.    I have found the design of the Apple Watch difficult to assess based on photos alone. I feel like I really need to see it in person to develop a clear impression of it.    My girlfriend, on the other hand, was able to develop an opinion based on pictures -- she thinks it's gorgeous. She has way better taste than I do, so I considered that a good sign. 
I set DDG as the default on my iPhone and I have to say I think Google is better, but not sufficiently better to spur me to switch back to them as default.  I think the value of being default is huge... 
Samsung desperately needs to make inroads at the high-end with their new S6. My guess is they won't, because these things will likely be overpriced due to three bad design choices:   1. The SOC they're using sucks from a price / real-world-performance standpoint. That's because smartphones can't utilize all those cores. It's a phone, not an HPC workstation. Single thread performance is key.    2. The screen is too expensive without any real benefit to the user. The PPI...
I believe that Tim Cook is an uncommonly good man. I am very proud to own stock in the company he leads.
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