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I think it makes a great deal of sense that Apple is bringing people from Korea to California, as opposed to just bringing them to an Apple office in Korea.    I strongly suspect that Samsung employs a lot of people that Apple would not want to hire, but from the outside it's not always clear who is who. Those not interested in moving to CA are more likely to be the kinds of people Apple doesn't want to hire in the first place (that is, people who are interested in...
What makes you think that they have "plenty" of data center capacity?  And why wouldn't they want to have data centers close to the populations served?  I'm surprised it's taken this long to open large data centers in Europe. 
My guess is that he's just clueless, and that his thinking is stuck inside of a box that he can't even perceive, much less escape. 
I think he's attacking a straw man.    If an Apple-designed car ends up being manufactured, it is a safe bet that it will be produced, marketed, and monetized in a very different way than how GM operates.    My pet theory is that Apple won't sell cars at all. Instead, I speculate that they will provide transportation as a service/accessory to iPhone users. In other words, Apple will provide a car service for iPhone users that uses cars designed by Apple (but...
I was getting all ready to be inflamed, and then I saw this was just an editorial in the WSJ. Pfft. The editorial page of the WSJ is the domain of right wing hacks. This is just an attack on anti-trust law. If there's truth to it, it's purely coincidental. 
Yup, that's what I was thinking of. Did they ever sell anything with a base configuration more expensive than that? 
My prediction:   Apple won't be selling cars.    Apple will be selling extremely convenient (bordering on luxurious) and affordable transportation to customers participating in Apple's ecosystem. In other words -- transportation will be an iPhone accessory. Uber, only better and cheaper, and for Apple customers only.    Apple will design the electric vehicles that provide the transportation but contract out the manufacturing. The vehicles will be stylish but...
The prediction about the mix of Sport and other models is interesting. I strongly suspect he's right to assume that the gold watch represents a small fraction of sales. But the split between stainless steel and aluminum could be very interesting. My guess is that stainless steel makes up closer to 20% of sales. 
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