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Maybe they think that they are implicitly hedging against currency risk by issuing bonds in a variety of currencies. But the swiss franc in particular seems like a risky idea. So much currency risk right now is political... I think I'd stick with $$. But hey -- I'm sure the Goldman guys are pretty smart. Maybe it will work out fine. 
The headline talks about advanced medical research, but the article actually makes it sound more like biometrics for user identification.    The most immediate utility of this would be that your Mac or iDevice unlocks when it recognizes you by sight. Add in touchID and you've got a very user-friendly two-factor identification. 
Working with the TV guys seems pointless. Maybe the better route is to upgrade the hardware and OS in the AppleTV so that it can be an app platform. Content providers who want to make apps can do so. Don't make it about some big negotiation -- just put out the platform and bring in individual content providers as they are ready to make the transition.    The AppleTV is already reasonable successful despite little marketing attention and out of date specs. Apple could...
I had a similar thought. If he says it's a self driving car, then it almost certainly isn't.  Street view makes a lot of sense, but I like to think that it's just a decoy to lead people away from the secret location where Apple is developing a stylish new hat that reads your thoughts and sends commands via bluetooth to your iPhone. 
I don't think it's necessary to look like someone in order to effectively portray them.    However...   As I and others have said, the best thing to do would be to make a sequel to the Pirates of Silicon Valley movie. Pick up where it left off and go to SJ's death. Get the same cast back. There's nothing that could beat that. 
I generally agree that Wall Street doesn't understand Apple.    But I'm very sympathetic to their lack of understanding. Apple is totally unprecedented. How do you fit this data point into your statistical model? You can't -- there's nothing remotely like it in anybody's data.    To buy Apple stock, you have to believe that Apple can make monopolistic-ish profits even though they don't have a monopoly in anything. You have to believe that customers will continue to buy...
His points aren't all bad. Apple's P/E right now is pretty high relative to Apple's P/E in the past. That means people do have very high expectations for this latest quarter and for what Apple's guidance will be going forward. If those expectations are met the stock price will, at best, just stay where it is.    Wall Street is generally biased against Apple, in the sense that Apple is so different from all the other companies they follow. It's just very hard for them to...
 Me too..... if well implemented. I just hope it isn't overly dumbed down. 
Stylus, eh?   Well... I guess people will probably quote Jobs' opinion about the merits of a stylus (he was against it).   But a few thoughts:   1. adding a stylus at this stage of the game as an optional accessory is quite a different thing from having the UI built around the assumption that a stylus is necessary from day one   2. I can imagine that enterprise/pro customers want something more than fingers as the basis for interaction with an iPad. A stylus might...
There's a fine line between being a thief and being "entrepreneurial" or "a hedge fund manager". 
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