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The new Core M is way faster, both CPU and GPU.But I'm not sure it matters. Core M is also much more expensive than what apple is likely paying for the A8, and most iphone and iPad users are not cpu constrained.If you're thinking about MacBooks, the A8 is not competitive with Core M.But apple is gaining fast on Intel. It could be that in another two to three years apple might be making SOCs that really could go in a MacBook air
Indeed. It's hard to see why Apple would want to put a Thunderbolt port on a MBA instead of this.  Maybe Thunderbolt 2 will be included on Mac Pros and *maybe* MBPs, since it could still provide some very high end niche functionality that people who buy those computers would appreciate. But it does sound like thunderbolt as a mainstream technology is all but dead. 
maybe they should fire Scott Forestal again. 
I guess that explains why I still haven't been able to download iOS 8 for my iPad. I've been trying since yesterday. Finally got it on the iPhone, though.
I think that for consumers it is going to be a learning process that takes time. But once that process is complete, I think that more people will value the greater privacy and security provided by Apple ecosystem. And by then it will be too late for google -- their reputation will be set.In a sense, Apple is making a long-term investment here. They are giving up some marketshare in the short run as they wait for consumers to go through this learning process. It is just...
It has more GPU power than I need. I really just need one GPU to drive the display. Nothing I do takes advantage of GPGPU stuff. 
I have a dream.... an iMac with that resolution, a GPU fully capable of driving it, and an 8 core i7.  The first two parts of my dream will almost certainly come true by the end of 2015 (hopefully sooner). The last part might never come true (sigh... poor me). 
 http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/05/30/longtime-apple-pr-head-katie-cotton-officially-retires Good points.... Probably more D than R, though.
 I wonder if he'll help somehow with press relations?  edit: just thinking about this some more... I wonder if Apple has noticed the enthusiasm with which people read Anand's stories about the A-series of chips and other technical aspects of what Apple does, and wants to better foster that enthusiasm. Maybe Apple is realizing that a lot of technical details of their products (especially the A chips) are going to get out there anyway, so they might as well take control of...
New Posts  All Forums: