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And it's not like Apple hasn't actively cultivated this type of celebrity status and attention. It generally serves them very well. And really, this Gizmodo thing could have served them well, if they hadn't sent in the stormtroopers. they need to keep their secret police tactics firmly contained *within* the company. Outside of the company, they should be all sunshine and rainbows, to the greatest extent possible.
Exactly. Apple really screwed up here by going after the Gizmodo guys so hard. I predicted at the time that they were just creating an incentive for people to take these things out of the country, and here it has happened already. Really, all in all, the Gizmodo thing went as well as Apple could have hoped -- they got the prototype back, after all. They won't be getting this one back, nor will they likely ever get back a prototype that goes missing again. It's now crystal...
The difference here is just US versus World. iPhone does better internationally because Apple has multiple carriers in most countries. Apple only has one carrier in the US, so Apple doesn't do as well in the US. But either way you look at it, Android is certainly a real competitor and certainly the existence of Android seriously undermines Adobe's anti-trust arguments.
Clearly Apple is not a monopolist!
It's still very hard for me to see how there will be any antitrust action here so long as their are competing smartphone platforms out there. If Apple has 80% of the market then this would be illegal, but they don't, so it's not.
The fact that bad apps can be made with any tool is irrelevant. The question is, when all else is equal (ability of the developer, originality of the idea, financial resources, etc), will apps made with Apple's own tools be better than apps made with cross-platform tools that do not take advantage of iPhone-specific features? And the answer depends entirely on the value of those iPhone-specific features. If Apple has a better platform, then apps that take advantage of...
I'm surprised to see Reich weigh in on this, but I'm glad that he did and I totally agree with him. I have sometimes found reich to be a little dogmatic, but I think he has generally been on target these last few years.
I bet Apple ends up quoting this guy to the FTC. He just argued that Apple is but one of many players in a competitive market, and that Adobe can do just fine without Apple. If that's true, then how is there an anti-trust concern?
Kind of odd to call Apple a "manufacturer" of cell phones. More accurate, I think, to say that Apple is a "designer and distributor" of cell phones.
My guess is that there are individuals within hp who have these things, but not senior management.
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