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Adobe's management are responsible to shareholders, and shareholders are interested in profits, not the hurt feelings of Adobe employees. Walking away from the CS revenue from the Mac is not an option for Adobe. Heck, if they tried it, Apple might just fill the space themselves.
If it's an open spec, then your point makes even less sense. Apple can do whatever they want. In every post you make you are talking about this as if it were some kind of morality issue. If Adobe chose to make PDF an open spec that anyone can use however they want, then Apple is well within its rights to use PDF however they want. Apparently Adobe must have believed that this was a strategy that was in their best interests. Apple is choosing a rather different strategy...
Or, they can go, "I will pay a developer for weeks to write a better version for the iPhone that is customized to the platform, which makes sense to me because that is by far the largest and competitive platform out there. I'll use CSS to make a more cookie-cutter version of the same thing for all the other platforms out there that have far smaller marketshare and are less competitive." That is what Apple is trying to achieve. Makes perfect sense from their perspective.
Exactly. Adobe is doing what they think makes sense to make money off of their file format. Is it really surprising that Apple would not take a somewhat different approach when it comes to a computing platform? A file format and a computing platform are two rather different things.
You're looking at this from a some kind of fairness/morality perspective (and a fairly arbitrary one so far as I can tell), and that's not what it's about. Adobe had chosen to handle the PDF standard in a way that they think makes sense. Apple is choosing to handle the development of their iPlatform in a way that they think makes sense. The two companies have taken different approaches -- not surprising since a computer platform and a file format are two fundamentally...
Yup -- life is hard. This is true in any business. It's not that I don't sympathize -- I definitely do. I work in a business that is very client-focused. And my coworkers and I often whine about the clients, often for good reason. That whining is kind of a coping mechanism, and everybody does it. But there's a difference between cathartic whining among friends and bitterness that impairs one's ability to deal with reality.
Wow, I guess this all explains why there are so few apps in the app store and why Mac sales have dwindled over the last few years.
I would like to suggest that apple insider (and macrumors and macsurfer etc) consider moving these lawsuit stories off the main page and onto a lawsuit-specific page for people who are interested in such things. I'm not saying that I have no interest, but I do have a very limited interest in this stuff. I'd much rather see front page stories that are more technology or product focused. Let me put it this way -- if we are going to have front page stories on lawsuits,...
The FTC might give Apple a second shot at AdMob.
So the thing that seems to be missing from my perspective is document management. But maybe this is already there with 3.2? I might be confused. What I would really like to see is a common directory for document storage that all apps can access so that each individual app doesn't have to roll its own solution to document storage and transfer. I guess I've heard that Pages, Numbers, and Keynote use something like this, but I haven't bought those apps for my iPad, so I...
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