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When you're dealing with libertarians, you're dealing with people who don't care about any of those things. They only care about "defending property rights". That's their only objective. Why? Because capitalism requires it. Why is capitalism good? Because it's based on property rights. And round and round you go.
Extremely well said. I could not possibly agree more!
WIJG said that "all rights are property rights". I'm asking for a justification for that statement. Why should anyone accept that assertion?
So what is the justification for that assumption?
According to whom? The goddess Ayn Rand? The problem with you glibertarians is that you start off with some ridiculous assertion that you yell in everyones face as if it were engraved in stone tablets by the finger of god, and then you proceed to rant for page after page with all your wing nut theories that you derive from your wing nut assumptions. You are a child.
Dave -- The allocation of scarce resources is not as new of a problem as you might think, and if we applied your prescription for how to deal with the problem to other scarce resources we would end up living in a very different society than we live in today (which some people would probably like, but I would not). You are essentially arguing that a government agency should decide what uses of cellular bandwidth are appropriate and which are not. While that might be better...
It is obviously true that wireless networks face greater bandwidth constraints than wired networks. But I'm not sure that it necessarily follows that net neutrality can therefore not apply to wireless networks. What does follow logically is that providers cannot sell fixed-price "unlimited" data plans. Instead, they must either charge by the byte or have tiered pricing based on usage (which is just a discretized version of charging by the byte). Unlike many of the whiners...
I was actually joking...
ok, but apparently so is the tv part :-)
iTV and ITV -- totally different. Capitalization is everything!
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