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Heh... maybe they should do exactly that.
Looks like the legal team has an idea for how to spend that $40 billion in cash!
Not only pretty, but pretty in a sweet, friendly kind of way. When I hear "security" I think more of a Boris and Natasha look.
Thanks :-)
Is her name really Window Snyder? What's her middle name, Wysiwyg?
I just looked here:http://www.vgchartz.com/chartsindex.php and it seems to me that the Wii is well represented among the top selling games. Of course, many of those top-selling Wii games are from Nintendo, so maybe your point applies to 3rd party games.
All good points. I would just add that human "multi-tasking" isn't really multi-tasking, it's task switching. I cannot write an e-mail and read a blog at the same time. I physically cannot do it. A multi-core computer, on the other hand, can literally do two things at once, for example encode video while running a simulation. For the iPad/iPhone, the key is to enable human-style multitasking, which is to say rapid task switching. I need to be able to switch between my...
Why does the iPad need multiple cores? Why does it need an out-of-order processor? Those technologies might be "cool" but are they the right tradeoffs for the iPad? Honestly, I don't know, but I can imagine that they might not be. The lack of multitasking for 3rd party apps might not be a temporary restriction -- it might be a fundamental design decision on Apple's part that will persist for quite some time. If so, then the need for multiple cores is greatly reduced.
ah... fair point, and good distinction.
I have my Wii hooked up to a 50" HDTV using the component cables, and it looks fine to me. I realize that the resolution isn't HD, but the aspect ratio is 16:9, and I think that's what most people notice. I agree that they should add HDMI support, but mostly because it's more convenient to plug in a single HDMI cable than component cables and a separate audio cable. I guess I don't disagree that Nintendo should bump up the hardware spec at some point, I just think that...
New Posts  All Forums: