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I bet Apple ends up quoting this guy to the FTC. He just argued that Apple is but one of many players in a competitive market, and that Adobe can do just fine without Apple. If that's true, then how is there an anti-trust concern?
Kind of odd to call Apple a "manufacturer" of cell phones. More accurate, I think, to say that Apple is a "designer and distributor" of cell phones.
My guess is that there are individuals within hp who have these things, but not senior management.
I wonder if hp will really be committed to webos. If they come out with winmo7 phones, then we will know the answer is "no". My guess is that they do come out with a windows phone.
Maybe Steve will announce that he's going to start blogging. All these e-mails that he's been sending out suggest that he's feeling more social.
I hope that's true -- it's so rare to see Jobs in anything other than completely staged and scripted events. I'm sure he'll get mostly softball questions, but it should still be interesting.
That's an awfully confident statement. How do you know that Apple didn't file a complaint? No way the police are just sitting around reading tech gossip sites looking for possible criminal violations. Somebody had to file a complaint.
Seems to me that Apple needs to be careful here. They might just end up creating an incentive to sell a future iDevice prototype to somebody who isn't based in the US and who won't be so cooperative as to give the device back.
No doubt that this will hurt Garmin and Tom Tom, but there will still be a market for their products for several reasons. First, relying on the cloud for maps means a less reliable experience. Sure, you can download your route before you leave, but what if you have to deviate from your route and your connection is flaky? Well, i guess that means you're lost. Second, my experience has been that google's maps and directions have more errors than Garmin's, at least where I...
Thinking about this some more, maybe a better scenario would be for Apple to buy some kind of 20 year uber-license from ARM in exchange for a multi-billion dollar investment in the company. That would give Apple access to everything that ARM ever does. That way, Apple is completely protected in case somebody else were to buy ARM. And if such a mega-investment were in the works, it could easily be misconstrued as a take-over by the types of people who hang out in London...
New Posts  All Forums: