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It is obviously true that wireless networks face greater bandwidth constraints than wired networks. But I'm not sure that it necessarily follows that net neutrality can therefore not apply to wireless networks. What does follow logically is that providers cannot sell fixed-price "unlimited" data plans. Instead, they must either charge by the byte or have tiered pricing based on usage (which is just a discretized version of charging by the byte). Unlike many of the whiners...
I was actually joking...
ok, but apparently so is the tv part :-)
iTV and ITV -- totally different. Capitalization is everything!
Great post and very good advice.
No wonder Apple-haters are so frustrated and bitter.
But do you get to se the oompa loompas?
I agree that nothing will come of the FTC involvement, because I think the FTC is fairly rational. But the EU is inclined to push things too far, particularly with non-European companies. Of course, the worst case scenario for apple is just that they have to allow things in their EU app store that they don't allow in app stores in the rest of the world.
I'm all for anti-trust enforcement, but this is silly. Apple does not have anything approaching a monopoly in the smartphone world. If you don't like the iPhone, buy a droid or a blackberry. How can anti-trust law apply when there is no trust to anti?
If I was an HP shareholder I'd be peeved at the board. They're spending $40 million to punish Hurd for a $20,000 mis-use of funds, and the "sexual harassment" claim sounds highly dubious. I have a conspiracy theory (which I don't believe, but it's fun to theorize) that Microsoft is behind this as punishment for Hurd favoring WebOS over Windows 7 in upcoming alleged products.
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