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This sounds like Masters of Orion (or something similar). No doubt they are hard at work on particle gun level 2.
For a second there I thought you were attempting a haiku
I say good for AT&T. There will be tremendous tantrums thrown by crybabies all over the place, but this is the single best thing AT&T can do to improve the experience people have on their network and it is totally, unambiguously rational. Maybe they finally realized that they could never hope to build their way out of their problems. Rational pricing is the only answer.
Seems like Apple needs to release some pro-level html5 authoring tools.
The iPad is the first product that I ever pre-ordered. Looks like I picked the right one to pounce on -- with this level of demand I don't ink I have to worry about any big price drops anytime soon.
Whatever media dudes... I will still get your content on my iPad, you just won't get any money or ad views from it.
Bummer. Oh well, could have been fun.
All true, but nothing is sacred. Apple would put shag carpeting on the back of the iMac if they thought it would sell. I'm not saying it will happen, but I think that Silverlight has advantages over Java and Flash in terms of what it can do for Apple's sales, and so I think it is possible. But yeah... it probably won't happen.
I guess they continue to have 100% of the Microsoft Windows market...
I wonder what he'll say when Apple's profits surpass Microsoft's....
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