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If I was an HP shareholder I'd be peeved at the board. They're spending $40 million to punish Hurd for a $20,000 mis-use of funds, and the "sexual harassment" claim sounds highly dubious. I have a conspiracy theory (which I don't believe, but it's fun to theorize) that Microsoft is behind this as punishment for Hurd favoring WebOS over Windows 7 in upcoming alleged products.
That kind of sounds like a form of sexual harassment...
The business adoption of the iPad really is huge and something that apple-haters simply cannot wrap their heads around. Android tablets won't be as popular with business because of security concerns and Windows tablets are... Windows tablets. The only potential competitor here is an HP/Palm tablet, but it will take a while for HP to gain credibility with that (if they ever can). Regarding halo effects -- I think there are mutually reinforcing halo effects going on at...
Or is it adamantium?
Makes sense to me -- different form factors for different uses. Apple needs to have more hardware variation than 5 years ago to accommodate the needs of a broader user base and fight off Android. Screen size is one of the most important physical characteristics of the iPad, so I think it makes perfect sense to have more variety. What I don't understand is the benefit of a dual core processor in iDevices, at least at this stage in the game. Even in Macs, the number of apps...
I think barefeats is a great site, but I think their conclusions were a little overstated here. I have nothing against quad core processors (I've got two of them in my Mac Pro, after all), but not everyone can really make good use of them. It's not too hard to imagine scenarios where a dual-core 3.6 GHz chip is the better solution. Indeed, I just ordered an iMac with the 3.6 GHz dual core CPU precisely because it will be used in a context where a quad core just wouldn't...
I think these numbers are highly suspect. The numbers that Apple reported (showing an increase in dropped calls) are based on the most definitive source around -- AT&T's records. But still, the whole antenna thing has been blown way out of proportion. Of course, I'm still happy to accept my free bumper
Agreed. Why pay for brainwashing when you can get it for free? I would be much more interested in seeing something from Bloomberg on the iPad that is aimed at a broader audience than just their terminal subscribers. I find Bloomberg news to be one of the least rabidly biased news outlets out there. If nothing else, they've got Michael Lewis who is 100% awesome.
This probably should have been done a while ago, but this is very good news. Having a single, high level person responsible for something can make a real difference.
It might have made sense for Apple to buy Palm... they could have used Palm as a way to compete against Google on Verizon's network, while always making sure that Palm was just a little behind the iPhone. Plus there's all the IP. Oh well, maybe Apple has better ideas for how to spend their cash.
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