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Think about how many people will buy the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch, then think about the number of people they communicate with, and then think about how silly your post looks in light of those two numbers.
With a lower resolution camera, the extra ram might not be needed.
Microsoft is competing more directly against android than against apple, so I think this is probably a net plus for apple
Back in days before win95 one of the biggest problems Apple had was keeping up with demand. I remember when I got my first Mac -- a IIsi. My parents bought it for me in my senior year in high school. It took over three *months* from the time it was ordered to the time I received it due to demand that exceeded Apple's forecasts. And that computer cost $3000! The story on Apple throughout the first half of the 90s was their inability to meet demand for Macs, even at their...
Agreed MAJOR fail here. Nano sales are going to crash. They might as well have just killed it altogether. The iPod Touch is very good, but the old nano was such a nicely balanced product -- great form factor and feature set for the price. This is just unbelievably stupid. Puke.
This makes way more sense to me than replacing the nano with this shuffle-esque iPod. The current generation nano is really top notch. If true, this new nano would be a major step backwards. I just can't see Apple sh!tting all over the nano like that. Except for the fat boy, it's always been such a great product.
Or perhaps Apple believes that it can dump Infineon if needed... I can't believe that Apple would allow an important supplier to fall into the hands of a company that is a quasi-competitor without having a back-up plan.
So long as MS provides at least the same level of enterprise support in WP7 as the iPhone, I think this thing will be at least a moderate success. Do not underestimate the extent to which some IT groups *love* MS. These guys are total shills for MS. I see this attitude at my company all the time. They *hate* supporting iPhone/Android phones, but have been forced to do it because users so completely despised Win Mobile. But WP7 is good enough to prevent a rebellion among...
This is very true and frustrating. Apple can and should do more to help out the users who want to get a Mac at work. I suspect there are a lot of people who would love to use a Mac at work, and have enough clout to at least get IT to consider the request, but who ultimately don't get to have the Mac because Apple's efforts to make the Mac integrate into an MS IT environment are half-hearted. Apple should just buy Thursby and integrate their products into OSX (or charge...
Law enforcement? But let me guess -- only enforcement of laws that involve property rights, correct? Because the ultimate goal of society, nay life itself, is to invent and defend property rights, correct?
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