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I'm a little surprised Apple would bother getting into a public tit for tat on this, just because the whole question of "open" versus "proprietary" is not something that most consumers generally care about. I think this is really more of a developer issue. Consumers don't care if Flash or html5 are "open" or "proprietary" -- from their point of view, both are "free" to use. Apple should focus on making the argument that their solution results in a better experience for...
I think the only way AT&T could keep Apple from going to Verizon would be to come up with some innovative pricing as you are suggesting.
I totally agree with those saying that this is just the beginning. The number of addressable markets for this thing is huge. The funny thing is that Bill Gates called this ten years ago, and of course John Sculley called it 10 years before that, and so on, and so on, and so on. It's taken a generation of failed efforts to develop a truly useful Star Trek style tablet, but I think we're finally here, thanks to a combination of Moore's Law and Steve Jobs.
It's nice that Apple can sell a bunch of phones internationally. It takes some pressure off of them to get a deal with Verizon. But at some point, they will have to get the iPhone onto Verizon's network. They're doing Google and RIM a huge favor by staying off of Verizon. They can't just concede a market that big forever.
But if this has to do with servers, then this actually would be one of the few things that Google has done that makes sense. But otherwise I agree about the lack of direction. Google reminds me of a gifted kid with ADD. Very smart, can't finish anything, easily distracted. Maybe Apple should put out rumors that they are planning a new line of garage door openers just to confuse and distract google. I'm sure there's somebody inside google who has been itching to design a...
I'm not so sure that anyone who does it understands the risks. That might have been true initially, but as the process becomes easier, some users might wind up getting in over their heads and run crying to Apple when it blows up in their face. I think the message from Apple is really "we don't like jailbreaking, and we plan to crush it at some point, once we get around to it, so don't say we didn't warn you"
That's funny -- I had the opposite thought. I wonder if this is a sign that Apple plans to be more aggressive in trying to shut down jail-breaking, and this is their shot across the pirates' bow.
Given that all of the Pro desktop and laptop computers were in need of an update, I'm not so sure that we can expect Mac sales greater than 3 million. If Apple sells more than 3 million Macs it would have to be considered a blow-out quarter. I would think 2.6 to 2.8 is more realistic, given the age of the Pro lineup.
Intriguing suggestions. I like the idea of someone who has a more international perspective. I'd prefer the person to be an American citizen with an international background, but I have no specific people in mind. I wonder if it would be useful to have someone on the board with telecom experience?
I think that's basically right, but I'd refine it just a bit. The new 13" MacBook Pro is a very interesting indicator. Apple clearly did not want to deal with Intel's integrated graphics in that model, nor did they want to include a discrete GPU. They were willing to compromise on CPU speed (sticking with the old C2D) in order to get the better integrated graphics from NV. But of course, that plan isn't going to work much longer, because eventually C2D will be retired and...
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