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As an Apple shareholder, I do want a board that brings a diversity of perspectives and experiences that can help apple's senior management make good decisions. But I also want people who are loyal to Steve Jobs. Why would I want people who are disloyal? Regarding health disclosures -- the key thing, I think, is that senior management and the board of directors be well informed of Jobs health situation AND that there be a transition plan ready in case Jobs dies. I think...
Huge leap. MS also has a ton of money and the undying love of corporate IT-types everywhere.
they need the content people to go along with it, and the content people are afraid of alienating the cable companies. It's just hard to see how to get from here to there.
I'm a little surprised that 3G wireless carriers don't already implement compression of all data that gets sent over their networks. Wouldn't that speed up everything? Or is that too complicated? Or is it already done but this is something different??
So basically he's Sculley.
I love this idea.
Yeah, i was amazed by that, too -- that clearly made no sense.
I'm not arguing against Apple showing restraint. I'm arguing against the hypothesis that they are showing restraint in this case because they want to have only one model of iPhone throughout the world. That clearly makes no sense. I think there has to be a different reason why Apple refuses to work with either Verizon or China Mobile (and in my original post I listed some possibilities).
yes, yes, I know all that. But i'm not talking about introducing 13 SKUs of Performa iPhones in a misguided attempt to appeal to slightly different demographics. Apple has shown that they are perfectly willing to add products if there's a market for them. Look at the MacBook Air -- that is essentially a niche product. So is the AppleTV. The volume (and revenue and profits) of iPhones that could be sold on Verizon or China Mobile completely swamps what Apple sells in...
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