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I think these numbers are highly suspect. The numbers that Apple reported (showing an increase in dropped calls) are based on the most definitive source around -- AT&T's records. But still, the whole antenna thing has been blown way out of proportion. Of course, I'm still happy to accept my free bumper
Agreed. Why pay for brainwashing when you can get it for free? I would be much more interested in seeing something from Bloomberg on the iPad that is aimed at a broader audience than just their terminal subscribers. I find Bloomberg news to be one of the least rabidly biased news outlets out there. If nothing else, they've got Michael Lewis who is 100% awesome.
This probably should have been done a while ago, but this is very good news. Having a single, high level person responsible for something can make a real difference.
It might have made sense for Apple to buy Palm... they could have used Palm as a way to compete against Google on Verizon's network, while always making sure that Palm was just a little behind the iPhone. Plus there's all the IP. Oh well, maybe Apple has better ideas for how to spend their cash.
Yes, really. The only reason I haven't bought it yet is that it has to be shipped to an AT&T billing address and requires a signature, and I can't be home to sign for it. So as soon as it's available at Best Buy I will buy it. I know how I use my iPhone -- I almost always talk using the earphones/mic. That means this issue won't affect me. So why would I delay purchasing a substantially better phone? That wouldn't make any sense.
Then they are useless to anyone who wants to buy a smartphone.
All true... except that all cell phones drop calls. So the appropriate comparison here isn't to cars or TVs, it's to other cellphones. Turns out that everyone who uses a cellphone will eventually experience a dropped call, if they actually go places with their phone. So, how does the iPhone 4 compare to an iPhone 3GS or to a Droid phone in terms of reception and dropped calls? That's the real comparison. From what I've read, the iPhone 4 actually is better than the 3GS...
The problem with not recommending the iPhone 4 is that they then have to recommend something else instead. So how do you recommend buying another phone that you just said is inferior to the iPhone 4 in nearly every way except one? Not really a logically consistent recommendation.
This is the age old debate of "individuals matter -- there are certain Great People who have big effects on the course of events" vs "individuals don't matter -- the path of history is inevitable, and the relevance of individuals is an illusion". As usual, I think truth is somewhere in between. I think there are a lot of "false idols" out there -- people who are characterized as great individuals (or great companies) in the sense that they had some big effect that they...
Apple developed the iPhone internally, and so can't point to a clear public "start date" like Google with the purchase of Android. But the iPhone came out first, period. And when Android came out, it was clearly meant as an iPhone knock-off. But really, who cares. This soap opera stuff might be good entertainment, but it doesn't affect which phones most people buy. My own personal opinion (not that it matters) is that Google screwed up big time here and will eventually...
New Posts  All Forums: