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Yeah, i was amazed by that, too -- that clearly made no sense.
I'm not arguing against Apple showing restraint. I'm arguing against the hypothesis that they are showing restraint in this case because they want to have only one model of iPhone throughout the world. That clearly makes no sense. I think there has to be a different reason why Apple refuses to work with either Verizon or China Mobile (and in my original post I listed some possibilities).
yes, yes, I know all that. But i'm not talking about introducing 13 SKUs of Performa iPhones in a misguided attempt to appeal to slightly different demographics. Apple has shown that they are perfectly willing to add products if there's a market for them. Look at the MacBook Air -- that is essentially a niche product. So is the AppleTV. The volume (and revenue and profits) of iPhones that could be sold on Verizon or China Mobile completely swamps what Apple sells in...
I just don't believe that Apple is really refusing to make phones for Verizon or China Mobile just because they want a single set of models for all the world. It just makes no economic sense. Both Verizon and China Mobile are large enough to justify the investment. I find it much easier to believe that: 1. China Mobile and Verizon are both making other demands that Apple finds unreasonable, either individually or as a package. or 2. AT&T and China Unicom...
I wonder if apple has fallen out of Intel's good graces for daring to use their own chip in the iPad instead of Intel's Atom... Still, Intel should be careful. Apple currently only buys chips from Intel for the Mac, and Apple sells a lot of Macs. Does Intel really want to risk losing business to AMD? Of course, I guess it's possible that the delay in the MBPs has nothing to do with Apple not getting chips from Intel. Could be Apple's own marketing schedule, could be...
If Apple had the same attitude as the tv networks, they would have never released the iPhone out of fear that it would cannibalized iPod sales. Heck, nor would they have released the Mac out of fear of cannibalizing the Apple II.
by *June* ? That would be a little late, wouldn't it? Oh well, not that I really care. I'm perfectly happy with my Nehalem Mac Pro that I bought last year, so it's not like I'd be upgrading. But still... seems like a really long time to go without a major revision to the Mac Pro. I definitely like the idea of the 27" Cinema Display, although I hope this one will support DVI in addition to mini display port.
agreed -- I wonder if people will start trying to access the iPad version instead of the main version from their PCs. That would really send a signal about how people feel about Flash...
It's not a bad approach when it's free (like gmail beta). I'm not sure that someone who pays several hundred dollars for a phone would think it's such a great approach, though.
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