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Seems like Apple needs to release some pro-level html5 authoring tools.
The iPad is the first product that I ever pre-ordered. Looks like I picked the right one to pounce on -- with this level of demand I don't ink I have to worry about any big price drops anytime soon.
Whatever media dudes... I will still get your content on my iPad, you just won't get any money or ad views from it.
Bummer. Oh well, could have been fun.
All true, but nothing is sacred. Apple would put shag carpeting on the back of the iMac if they thought it would sell. I'm not saying it will happen, but I think that Silverlight has advantages over Java and Flash in terms of what it can do for Apple's sales, and so I think it is possible. But yeah... it probably won't happen.
I guess they continue to have 100% of the Microsoft Windows market...
I wonder what he'll say when Apple's profits surpass Microsoft's....
Quite possibly... but I think it would be so much fun if Apple decided to support SilverLight, and probably a good business decision, too.
I agree that this is a big question, and it does seem inconsistent with Jobs' earlier comments. However, there are several reasons why Jobs might see this as different. First, MS has a much better track record than Adobe when it comes to developer tools, going all the way back to the Apple II. Second, MS has kept its promises to Apple in the past -- when Apple was at death's door, MS was there with a promise of continuing Office support (which they did) and $150 million....
If this is true, it's HUGE, and the implications will take a while to sort out. This would involve risk for both companies, but also opportunities. I have a hunch this is true. I've been thinking for a while that while Apple is dissing Flash, they might very well be preparing to allow Silverlight. Unlike Flash, which is just a buggy ad-delivery device, Silverlight (and MS development tools) are used by corporations for internal application development. If those...
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