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I just went to the "why you'll love a Mac" pages and I think they are actually very good. Far more substantive than the tv ads ever could be.
I think there is room for MS and apple to work together to thwart google. Apple could make Bing the default search engine on all apple products (which isn't something to sneeze at -- it won't be long before apple is selling 100 million devices a year that would have a default search engine -- maybe 2011 or 2012) and MS could give Apple a leg up over google in Exchange and Office compatibility / interoperability. MS Office for Mac and iPad, but NOT for Chrome. Full Exchange...
Ok, so when will this happen exactly? I want to put it in my calendar so that I can plan for it. By what year can we expect there to be no mor macs?
I'm aware of people's perceptions of history, which is why I referenced the IIgs. Maybe that was too subtle. If Steve wanted to kill the mac, he never would have switched to Intel processors. The PPC was a great way to kill the Mac. The more likely story here is that Apple is segmenting the market between consumption devices and creation devices (between consumer <$1000 and pro >$1000), and the Mac is on the "pro" side of that divide. Consumer-oriented marketing looks...
The campaign was successful, but I think it makes sense to let it go before it turned stale. Also, I'm sure Apple wants to focus their marketing effort on the iPhone and iPad for now. To a great extent, the halo effect from those two product lines (plus the iPod), combined with the retail stores, is pretty strong marketing for the Mac anyway.
I bet you're typing this on an Apple IIgs, aren't you. Some grudges never die.
Yup -- the market is evolving very quickly and I think Apple is a very credible competitor. Plus Microsoft is waiting in the wings, and even though they are incredibly late to the party, I'm sure they will have an ad component to their mobile strategy, and I think their mobile strategy isn't the completely lost cause that it might appear (just because IT loves MS the way Homer loves donuts).
Sounds like a reasonable decision to me. And, by a similar logic, the FTC should also ignore Adobe's complaint against Apple. The mobile market is clearly very competitive in all aspects. There is currently no need for anti-trust action against anyone.
I don't think it's outrageous at all -- it might even prove conservative. We know they sold 1 million in a month, we know that iPad supplies continue to be constrained in the US, we know that they are rolling it out internationally. After the international rollout, we then move into back-to-school and holidays. It really doesn't take much imagination at all to see how they will continue selling at a rate of about 1 million per month.
Verizon is probably the largest untapped market for Apple that remains in the entire world. It's large enough to make it "financially viable and worth it" for companies that are smaller than Apple and sell less profitable phones than the iPhone to make phones for Verizon's network. And by not selling the iPhone on Verizon Apple has created a safe haven for Android phones in the US. Android would almost certainly have not passed iPhone in the US if Apple were on Verizon....
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