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This is the age old debate of "individuals matter -- there are certain Great People who have big effects on the course of events" vs "individuals don't matter -- the path of history is inevitable, and the relevance of individuals is an illusion". As usual, I think truth is somewhere in between. I think there are a lot of "false idols" out there -- people who are characterized as great individuals (or great companies) in the sense that they had some big effect that they...
Apple developed the iPhone internally, and so can't point to a clear public "start date" like Google with the purchase of Android. But the iPhone came out first, period. And when Android came out, it was clearly meant as an iPhone knock-off. But really, who cares. This soap opera stuff might be good entertainment, but it doesn't affect which phones most people buy. My own personal opinion (not that it matters) is that Google screwed up big time here and will eventually...
It's pretty surprising that Android is more similar to blackberry or Symbian in terms of how people are using the devices. You would think that web browsing would be one of the top uses for an Android device. It seems that consumers aren't treating Android phones the same way that they treat iPhones. We also know that people don't use apps on the Android phones to the same extent that they do on iPhones. So i guess the question is -- what are people doing with these...
Agreed -- it would be great to see some verification on that number because if true, it would be extraordinarily bad. People still make fun of Apple over the Cube, but I bet Apple sold more than 500 of them! And I also agree that this is clear evidence that Balmer should be fired. By the way, I love the totally non sequitur comment about the cute girl in the ad...
People need to understand that the FTC and DOJ under the current administration actually take anti-trust seriously, which is a change from the previous administration. They are only doing their job by looking into situations like this. My expectation would be that after looking into it, they will conclude that Apple is doing nothing to hurt consumers and that will be it.
I agree -- sounds like Readability to me. Definitely a useful feature to add to Safari. Also, if true, then I think this might be the closest that any major browser vendor has come to including ad blocking functionality in the browser. True, it's not exactly designed for that purpose, but it does have that effect since most of the "clutter" is ads.
This sounds like Masters of Orion (or something similar). No doubt they are hard at work on particle gun level 2.
For a second there I thought you were attempting a haiku
I say good for AT&T. There will be tremendous tantrums thrown by crybabies all over the place, but this is the single best thing AT&T can do to improve the experience people have on their network and it is totally, unambiguously rational. Maybe they finally realized that they could never hope to build their way out of their problems. Rational pricing is the only answer.
Seems like Apple needs to release some pro-level html5 authoring tools.
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