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Does the PS3 also use OpenGL? With Mac and PS3 sales both being much better than they used to be, I wonder if more developers might choose to do OpenGL versions of games....
So it sounds like this isn't just some WINE-ish port -- it sounds like they really did do a native Mac port. That's encouraging!
There really is a striking difference between the iPhone/iPad ads and the Mac ads, which is that the iAds actually show the product and what it can do. While I do like many of the Mac ads (and clearly they've been successful), I like the iAds better. And this is another good example of those ads -- it really shows off the product and makes me want to buy it.
I will not believe that this story is true unless I actually see these phones for sale. It just can't be true because it would imply that MS upper management is totally dysfunctional. If MS were to do something this dumb it would be ground for firing Balmer.
The article suggests that Apple is getting into advertising to profit from ad revenue, but I suspect that might not be quite right. I suspect Apple is only doing this to help out developers and to make sure that their costs of distributing free apps through the apps store are covered (perhaps they'll do the standard 30/70 split on ad revenue like they do on app prices). I seriously doubt that Apple is attempting to turn advertising into a major profit center. I bet the...
Streaming movies over wi-fi seems kind of lame to me, unless I could temporarily download the movie and have it expire after 24 hours (or something along those lines). The only time I have wi-fi access long enough to watch a movie is when I'm at home, and if I'm at home, I'd rather watch the movie on my TV or computer. The closest I would come to being able to watch a movie over wi-fi is sitting in an airport, but those wi-fi networks are usually not free, and I'm...
These legal stories are so boring, and so NOT why I visit sites like this. Personally, I would prefer that these lawsuit stories be relegated to some separate page on the site so they don't clutter up the interesting stuff. Maybe only put a lawsuit story on the front page when the suit is settled, and only then if the settlement has some real effect on products/technology. And let me just say -- yes, thank you brilliant person who will inevitably reply "you don't have...
Heh... maybe they should do exactly that.
Looks like the legal team has an idea for how to spend that $40 billion in cash!
Not only pretty, but pretty in a sweet, friendly kind of way. When I hear "security" I think more of a Boris and Natasha look.
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