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Once again there is a focus on shipped units. 1. By using multiple distribution chains, and a large number of models, there is going to be a significant amount of Samsung shipped units sitting in warehouses and on shelves in stores. 2. Apples figures are sold units, I.e., end users buying them, not shipped to middle men. 3. I would rather have 30% of a market in terms of shipments if my profit margin was 3 to 5 times my competitions. If the table showed total smartphone...
Both quotes are correct.There has been 10 releases, 10.0 through to 10.9.There has been 9 point releases (I.e. Upgrades), 10.1 through to 10.9
Are you downloading via the mobile network or WiFi?
Preparing update ...
Download started at 5:57 with an estimated time to download of 2 minutes. Now 33% complete and estimated time to download is at 6 minutes. I guess quite a few people suddenly noticed it was available!!
iOS7 is available NOW!!
There is one area this report doesn't cover well. Someone who buys an iPhone and enjoys using it will buy another iPhone. Samsung devices are just android devices. If the user likes android, they will buy another android phone, which could be Samsung, HTC, Sony, ...
Why do they even bother designing the hardware when they have Apps available on other platforms such as the iPad?
"District staff, however, declared Apple's iPad the superior product. They said it wouldn't be fair to require some students to use a different, lesser product than the iPad." I couldn't sum this up any better!
New Posts  All Forums: