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Looks nothing like an Apple product. Cheap components, very poor quality assembly, inefficient use of internal space, SD card, wrong type of connector, ... Did anyone look at the photos before releasing this story??
I'm going to be laughing very loudly when this doesn't come true! Analysts, do they really understand the tech industry???
Maybe people are beginning to realised that anything other than an iPad are just toys.   I watched with amusement yesterday, returning from work on the train, a woman trying to use a Samsung Tab. The sheer look of frustration and confusion said it all. After 10 mins of frantic finger activity (looking more and more angry), she slammed it in her bag and got her iPhone out!!   The chances are that Apple will follow the iPhone strategy when the next iPad comes out,...
According to Ballmer, this is just a rounding error!!
Shipped does not equal sold. There are hundreds of thousands of stores holding inventory of Samsung phones whilst Apple reports sold devices. Apples versus Pears!
The 17" MBP is a great desktop replacement machine for those who; 1. Don't have the space for a desktop computer 2. Like to have occasional portability   I'm very doubtful it wlll be dropped, for 3 reasons; 1. It is a high price tag item, so even with low volumes still mean a decent amount of revenue 2. There is a risk that larger screen laptop users will then switch back to the PC. 3. There is no good reason to discontinue it! The cost of having it in the...
Does anyone else find the various shades of blue graphs really annoying and difficult to read. Why didn't they use a few different colours? Windows Phone will only gain market share if Microsoft decide to heavily subsidise handsets to grab market share, or use substantial revenues from other product lines to heavily advertise like Apple did with the iPod. The question is, where would the money come from? They have declining desktop OS revenues, declining Office...
Really hope the next gen Apple TV adds 1080p (back again), and that AirPlay supports it. Scaling a screen back to 720p will make smaller fonts and fine detail difficult to see. Phil
There are many measure of business success, including, but not limited to; - Annual / Quarterly revenues - Annual / Quarterly profits - Cost control - Profit Margin - Market Capital Value - Market share - R&D investment - Green credentials - No of employees - direct - No of employees - as a direct consequence of supplier relationships - Creation of new business opportunities (i.e. developers on your platform) So the argument that Apple is failing...
I was thinking "will it blend?" and some good alternatives such as "will it float?", "will it roast with turkey stuffing?" or "will it skydive?". Then I thought of the questions RIM should have thought about before announcing it. "Will it work?" "Will it sell?" "Will it kill RIM?"
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