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Another nail in MS Windows Mobile's coffin!!
Ballmer forgets Steve Jobs statement during Macworld 97, saying for Apple to win, didn't mean MS had to lose. No matter what, I consider Apple a big winner. Just 13 years ago, it was in a state of disarray whilst MS was the defacto PC system (Win95 a huge success). Yes, Apple had some die hard fans but was in dire trouble. In just 13 years, it has not only turned things around, but entered (created!?!) new markets, re-inventing itself and it's key products (a new Mac,...
Ok, we are aware that MS is offering Apple Stores staff more money to work in it's stores, so I pose a few questions to you all. How much money would MS have to pay you to; 1. Give up your Macs, iPods and iPhones and only work with PCs, Zune, WinMobile phones from now on? 2. Spread the word of how wonderful MS Windows, Zune, WinMobile, etc are? 3. if you worked in an Apple Store (with benefits such as staff discounts!!), to move to an MS store? Phil
During the winter here, my girlfriend was forced to work at home due to travel disruption. She had never used a Mac for business uses and was trying to operate it like a PC. She was pulling bits of information from the internet, together with other documents and pictures. She was selecting text and going to the edit menu, selecting copy, then pasting it into notepad to get rid of the formatting, then copy and paste into word and then reformating it. I then said to her,...
There are some great advantages of having PCs at work. It takes ages to boot up, connect to the network, load all of the security software and system tray tools, so I can have a nice coffee, chat to my colleagues and have a pleasant 30 mins start to the day. Then, it works really slowly, with all of that security software so I don't have to work too hard. My manager understands when I don't achieve everything he wanted me to because he has a PC as well, and knows how slow...
Power Books are PPC based, how have you managed to get Snow Leopard to run?
What kind of software do you develop? Anything we'd be interested in purchasing? Welcome back anyway. You won't be switching back, that's one thing I can guarantee. I switched 4.5 years ago, and my only regret was not doing it earlier.
I can believe it. Whenever I'm in an Apple Store, I see machines flying out the storeroom like hot cakes from an oven. When my girlfriend was buying hers, (in Kingston-upon-Thames, UK), we were in the store for 30 minutes. In that time I counted 12 machines being sold. No wonder Apple continue to roll out new stores. Phil
And for comparison.http://investing.businessweek.com/re...asp?ric=MSFT.O
Also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-2C2gb6ws8
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