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Wow, there must be more playbooks stuck in retailers inventory than I thought! Hope many have they shipped? A fire sale suggests less than half of shipped units have been sold.
So there are more 'shipped' Android handsets than 'sold' iPhones. Why does this matter? People can buy whatever phone they like. It isn't going to stop the iPhone existing. Apple are not going to stop making iPhones because they only sell a few million per month!! How many Android handsets are in the supply chain (wholesalers, warehouses, shop stock, ...)? With so many different makes / models. it must be quite a few! Phil
You can install 1 copy on all of your machines. It is part of Mac App Store licencing so you just log on to each Mac App Store using the log in credentials of the account you purchased it. Navigate to the purchased tab and select it to download. It is totally legal, so no need to worry about it. Phil
For me, it's the latter. I also often use the computer in the liunge, whilst watching TV, which is a lot easier than using a desktop. Also, 99.5% of the time, the tasks I need to do, can easily be completed on either a notebook or desktop. It is only about 0.5% of tasks which would benefit from being on a desktop environment. Phil
One of the beneficiaries of cloud based itunes might be the iMac, which will enable iTunes users to stay synchronised between iMac, Macbook Pro, iPhone, Apple TV and iPad. Also, the halo effect of iPad and iPhone seems to be holding Apple desktop sales at a flat level, whilst PC manufacturers are in decline. I believe the market is now between; i. low end mobile laptop users, who opt for low end Windows machines or tablet format devices. ii. high end mobile...
2010? I guess that's a typo!
So they looked at the Kindle idea of buying content once, and making it universally available on all a consumers devices with syncing of progress read / bookmarks / notes, etc, and thought "We are cleverer than that" and came up with the idea of charging per device. Good luck NYT, you going to need it. A better model would have been; NYTimes.com + smartphone app: $12.50/mo. NYTimes.com + tablet app: $15/mo. All Digital Access (i.e., NYTimes.com + smartphone + tablet):...
Apple does not publically state who their suppliers are, hence why the report reads;Phil
A few points to note; 1. Gene Munster does not exactly know who Apple's raw component suppliers are. He is guessing, and whilst he may be 100% correct, he may also be 0% correct or somewhere in between. 2. It is not known how much raw material stock both the suppliers and the device manufacturers have. There would also be likely significant components in transit. 3. Many of these suppliers will have access to other plants which they could raise production, they will...
Yep, throw the whole thing in the trash and start again!
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