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Apple is obsessed with thinner and lighter, so making the iPhone fatter and heavier to add a feature which was one of the main reasons why it has a touchscreen, is about as likely as Lenovo laptops becoming sexy! It will NEVER happen. Phil
Java is not an issue if it can be installed if required. Front Row was ok, but nothing special. There were many alternatives with more functionality so not a problem if it goes. Rosetta though could be a show stopper for me to upgrade to Lion at the moment as many of the drivers for printers, scanners and other hardware is currently PPC. I also have a number of PPC software packages which I cannot afford to upgrade at the moment, so will have to put it on hold. I...
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Lets go retro! physical keyboard, telescopic aerial, black and white (greyish green) LCD, 2G comms, and removable battery. A physical keyboard will NEVER appear on an Apple iPhone or iPad. Telepathy is more likely! Phil
I agree to a point, but the more powerful the processor and GPU, then the more power these require, especially during high resolution gaming. If you look at very high end gaming graphics cards for PCs, you find they need additional power connections directly to the Power Supply Unit as the standard bus cannot provide enough power. If you look at http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/...er,2122-6.html you get an idea of the difference that more powerful GPUs make to power...
Or MS Windows Phone 7, with it's leaky Yahoo email service?
LOL. Perfect. I guess some of the 84% were Christmas presents and the giver didn't forward the receipt.
Judging by how many of these devices are on ebay (in the UK at least) at below retail pricing, suggests that many people have bought these (or got them as xmas presents) and are disappointed with them. To be fair, it is difficult for Samsung to state exact sales as they follow the standard manufacturer -> wholesale -> retail route whereas Apple has direct relationships with all retailers and also picks up activation stats via iTunes. The other angle is that it is...
If you look at it from the point of view that tablets are the new netbook, then look at combined sales of netbooks and tablets, then Apple's share of that market space in increasing. You can make any figures into any kind of story. The tablet market is new, Apple found the sweet spot first, but sweet spots move about and change, so it's who will produce the product that people want to buy say in 6 months time, 1 years time, etc. A decreasing market share is not...
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