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Everyone who wants an iPhone 4 will eventually get one, even if they have to wait a few weeks for their order, so the product lifecycle sales will always be the same unless supply problems become extremely bad. Although I love the iPhone 4, the competition is catching up and Apple need to listen to what it's customers want for the iPhone 5. For me, there are a few frustrations with the product, for example; 1. There are actually two volumes to control, the ringer...
Yeah, my work provides me with a Windows PC and option of either plain old Nokia non-smartphone or Blackberry or MS Mobile. No options for Macbooks, ipads or iphones.
Sounds like someone is on Apple's payroll!! Nothing like a bit of free promotion is there!?! Next week, he'll be a VP at Apple.
How can anyone by flummoxed by an OS many magnitudes simpler than MS Windoze, what hope is there. Can someone tell me what is difficult about OS X? I was new to it in May 2005 and yet to read any manual or guide, but could work it within hours!! In OS X there are generally more than one way to complete a task so you can work the way that feels comfortable to you. For example, to copy some text from a webpage to a Word document, you could do the windows method of copy and...
The figures quoted are to 1 decimal place, so they will be rounded up / down. Also, table only shows top 5, I guess Symbian or Nokia (depending on whether this table is OS platform or manufacturer) would by sixth.
A few points; 1. This is US market share where Apple still has a single carrier. It would be useful analysis to have worldwide numbers, broken down into countries with single, dual and multiple carriers. For example, in the UK, the iPhone is now available on all of the top tier carriers and an increasing number of Virtual Network Operators (Virgin Mobile, Tesco, etc). Being in the UK, I have noticed many more people now have the iPhone since going multi-carrier. 2. The...
Android users scratch their balls more often than iPhone users - report Do I really care? No. There are many reasons why android users have upgraded gquicker than iphone users, many of which have been pointed out by other posters. OTA upgrades work by having a second OS Flash ROM to which new code is loaded, checked and tested before the phone is told to use this ROM and keep the other ROM for the next upgrade. So OTA upgrades can be completed very safely with...
So the next minor revision might bring a new feature to 3GS users, Faceless Time
Totally agree. Another time I'd want a separate device is for holidays. Taking the iPhone onto a sandy beach or by the pool can be very daunting. A shuffle / nano would be ok, and easily within the cover of most travel insurance policies. I also do a lot of city breaks, often to eastern european destinations where the iPhone is almost 3 months average income, making it a prime target for thieves, so I'd prefer to take my very old samsung phone and a low end iPod. Phil
There are always people who will want more storage than features, so the Classic hits the perfect price point for those that simply want lots of music in a very portable device. If Apple launched a 320Gig Classic for the same price as the current line up, I'd be buying one simply to use in my car. [I've got a Hard drive system in my car which stores approx 30 gigs but the idea of having my entire iTunes library in car would be amazing!
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